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As you walk along the narrow lanes at the heritage town of St. George's or the other places in the parish, you will notice so many nice small gardens across the roads. Some of these gardens in St. George's Bermuda belong to private properties and therefore may not be directly accessible. 
But you can enjoy the gardens over the walls and through the gates. In many cases you can even enter the gardens to view the beautiful flowers and other plantations.  
Here are some of the most beautiful gardens in St George's that are our personal family favorites. They are mostly owned and managed by Bermuda National Trust. 
The Old Rectory is an old private home where the rector of St. Peter's Church once lived. It has a small English-style cottage garden. You can take a glimpse of the garden area over the cedar gate at the end of Broad Alley. The property is open on Wednesdays between November to March when you can enter and go around the garden. 
There is a nice Garden at Stewart Hall. It's full of fruit trees and herbs. There are many types of old roses in the garden. You can see it from Queen Street and Taylorís Alley. 
The Bridge House once used to be a home of Governors and privateers. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited homes. You can access the beautiful garden at Bridge House from Bridge Street or take a glimpse from the brick walkway to the State House. 
Bridge House Bermuda 
Bridge House Bermuda 
Photo: Brendan Purdy, flickr, cc by 2.0 
There is a small beautiful ornamental flower garden with pathways on the upper side of Reeve Court House which is located across the street from the Old State House. The lower part of the garden has different types of fruit trees and herbs. While the building is not open to public, you can freely access the garden anytime from the bricked walkway to the Old State House
Bermuda National Trust Museum is located at the erstwhile Globe Hotel. There is a nice small garden by the side of the hotel building. This is our favorite place to rest under the shades after a tiring tour of the St George.  
If you are visiting the Tucker House Museum where the then President of Governor's Council Henry Tucker and his family lived between 1775 - 1807, then visit the two beautiful courtyard gardens at the rear of the house. There are many fruit trees in the garden. You will also see herbs which were once used in medicine and cooking. 


St. Georgeís 
Bus Routes to St. George's: #1, 3, 10, 11 (buses operate between Hamilton and St George) 
Ferry to St. Georgeís: April - November, Orange route from dockyard. 

Further Info

Call up Bermuda National Trust at 441/236-6483 for more information about the properties. 
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