St. George's Post Office, Bermuda

This post office which is located only steps away from Kings Square (i.e. the Town Center of St. George) is quite special because it comes under historic & heritage buildings of Bermuda. This 2-storey building was the first Jail in St. George as well as whole of Bermuda. It was built by Governor Butler in 1622. However it had to be rebuilt in 1760. 
The building also became the residence of Bermuda's police chief. When George James Bruere was Bermuda's Governor between 1764 to 1780, he captured many American privateers during the Revolutionary War. The privateers were those with private ships and ammunitions and worked for America's government. Governor Bruere imprisoned the captured privateers in this building and treated them like pirates instead of prisoners of war. 
Later in the year 1800, the Methodist preacher John Stephenson was also imprisoned in this building because he was preaching Methodism to the blacks and slaves without proper authorization from the church. He was jailed for six months and fined 50 pounds. However Stephenson kept preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ through the bars of his cell to the blacks who gathered outside. Today this building is a functional post office in St. George and is one of the very few places in the island where there is a free internet kiosk - something which is rarely seen in Bermuda. 
St. George's Post Office, Bermuda 
St. George’s Post Office 
St. George Post Office Hours 
Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm  
Location and Contacts 
11 Water Street, St. George (close to Kings Square). 
Phone: 441/297-1610 
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