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One of the well known water sports operators in Bermuda, they mainly operate out of the Dockyard in Sandys. They also have a limited operation from St. Georges. KS Watersports offers several activities and guided water tours including Jest Ski safaris and Parasailing. You should book the tours in advance. 
Here are details of some of their offerings: 

Jet Ski Adventure

This is the most popular of all the Jet Ski tours offered by KS Sports. This 75-minute guided tour starts from the dockyard and goes around the western end water areas of the island. You will see the Somerset Bridge which is the smallest draw bridge in the world, and then get into the lovely Ely's Harbor. You will also see the partially submerged shipwreck HMS Vixen, and finally have a swim at Daniel's Head, one of the picturesque shallow water area with a lot of fish and other marine life and corals. One needs to be minimum 16 to ride the Jet Ski.  
We have found the tour guides (Mike and Marcus) quite knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They stress a lot on the safety aspects and also provide instructions on the operations and safety requirements. There would be many other vessels in the water, so one needs to follow certain norms. During the swim break, you can ask questions about the places that you visited during the tour and the guides would be happy to answer them. Sometimes they would also show you some special skills with the Ski. The tour leaves from the Royal Naval Dockyard. 
Tour Duration: 75 minutes. Indicative Rate: $145 Single, $155 Double per jet ski. 

Jet Ski Hideaway Adventure

This 65-minute adventure leaves from the dockyard location and takes you around the central water areas of the island to explore beautiful coves, lakes, harbors, historic landmarks, secluded private islands and more. Some important sights include Paradise Lake, Hamilton Harbor, homes of the rich and famous, first seaplane airport in the island etc. This tour is suitable for all ages. 
Tour Duration: 65 minutes. Indicative Rate: $145 Single, $155 Double per jet ski. 

Jet Ski and Swim Adventure

This is a special 2 and half hour tour of the northern and eastern water area. You will pass by the historical forts that you can see across the coastline, secluded reefs, the Millionaire Row and many other attractions. They will also stop at a secluded beach for a swim. It's not a scheduled tour and requires a minimum of 3 jet skis for the tour to take place. The tour departs from St. George. 
Tour Duration: 65-75 minutes. Indicative Rate: $145 Single, $155 Double per jet ski. 
Check in at White Horse Tavern on the square in St. George's ½ hr prior to departure time. 

Jet Ski and Snorkel Safari

This is a two hour tour at the western end of the island. It includes all that the Jet Ski Adventure tour offers. In addition, it takes you to a great hideout for snorkeling, and you can see some great marine life and corals there. This tour doesn't have any scheduled timing. You will need to check out for the next available tour. There needs to be a minimum of two jet skis for this tour to take place. The tour leaves from the dockyard. 
Tour Duration: 2 Hours. Indicative Rate: $215 (Single), $235 (Double) per jet ski. 

Dockyard Jet Ski and Cliff Jumping Adventure

Departs Dockyard on Wednesdays only. Check in at least ½ hour prior to departure time at Island Tour Center Office (at dockyard). 
Duration: 2 hours. Indicative rate: Single $225, Double $245. 

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KS Watersports also offers parasailing from the boat "Thrill Seeker" which operates from the dockyard. The boat can carry up to 12 persons. You will take off from the boat and land back on the boat without touching the water unless of course you want to. They have a harness type parasail which can carry two persons at a time subject to a maximum weight limitation. 
While the total time on the boat can be anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes depending on the number of people on the boat, average time for which you will fly is about 10 minutes. They take you to the Great Sound water area and also towards the northern shore water areas. 
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Indicative Rates 
Dockyard Parasailing Adventure from Dockyard, 8-10 minutes fly time: Maximum 12 persons per boat. Indicative rate: $99 per person, Observer $50. 
Dockyard Parasailing Adventure and Eco Tour from Dockyard, 8-10 minutes fly time. Maximum 12 persons per boat. Indicative rate: $110 per person, Observer $50. 
Hamilton Parasailing Adventure, 8-10 minutes fly time: Maximum 12 persons per boat. Departs from Albuoy's Point (next to Hamilton ferry terminal) on Tuesdays and Fridays. Indicative rate: $99 per person, Observer $50. 

Location and Contacts

KS Watersports operates from several locations: 
Their main location is at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandys Parish. This is where most of the larger cruise ships dock (at Kings Wharf and Heritage Wharf piers). They are located in Dockyard Watersports Center next to the ferry dock. Address: 6 Dockyard Terrace. The dockyard operation is open seven Days a Week from 8am - 7:00pm. 
Their second location is at St. George's. 
Address: 8 King's Square, St. George's, located at the White Horse Pub and Restaurant
Open daily from 9am - 5:00pm. 
They also have operations at Hamilton and Southampton. 
For further information and latest rates, contact: 
Dockyard Phone: (441) 238-4155; 
St George Phone: (441) 297-4155; 
Hamilton and Southampton Phone: (441) 232-4155 
Road Map 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Henry Sheehan (September 2015) 
KS Watersports... their boats are not good. I anchored one of their boats, and suddenly the rope was floating in the water. you would think I was doing them a favor by swimming down and recovering their anchor, but nope, they charged me extra for the broken anchor. We also ran out of gas in the middle of the ocean because they were trying to save money. I should have left their anchor at the bottom of the ocean and let these scum bags recover it. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY.... Worst people I've met during my week in Bermuda.