Jet Skiing & Water Skiing, Bermuda

The best water areas in Bermuda for skiing are the protected harbors. Great Sound water area to the west is convenient to the dockyard cruise passengers. Castle Harbor to the east is close to St. George. And Hamilton Harbor is centrally located in Hamilton City although is likely to be crowded by boats. Other water areas good for skiing are Mangrove Bay and Ely's Harbor to the west, and Harrington Sound and Ferry Reach towards the east, and Spanish Point in Pembroke (at the outskirts of Hamilton). 
Jet Skiing & The Top Operators 
Jet Ski does not require skills but offers an enjoyable & exciting water scooter ride. You can get into amazing water areas in Bermuda with magnificent views of corals, shipwrecks, fish and other marine creatures like turtles as well as many different birds. You will also see coves, secluded private islands & beaches, historical landmarks and more. 
Here are some of the top operators in Bermuda offering jet ski tours and rentals. When you visit the links, you will also find full description of the Jet Ski tours offered by the respective operator along with rates and contact information. 
  • KS Water Sports: They operate from the dockyard (Kings wharf & Heritage wharf area) in Sandys and also have a limited operation in St. George. Their guided Jet Ski tours also combine swimming and snorkeling. They offer guided jet ski safari and adventure packages on a per person rate for west end tours, east end tours and central water area tours. Depending on your line of interest and time you have, you can choose a tour. All these tours show you different and unique sides of Bermuda's marine areas. 
  • Jet Ski Safari from Snorkel Park: This Jet Ski or the water scooter safari is a great way to see many picturesque sights and marine life. The guided tour starts from Snorkel Park Beach at the dockyard and covers the western end water area of the island. The highlights include going under the smallest draw bridge in the world, picturesque harbor, shipwrecks, hand feeding fish and watching amazing marine life. 
  • Somerset Bridge Watersports: This is a family owned business operating for over 20 years and located at Sandys Parish next to the Somerset Bridge. They offer small motorized boats, Jet Skis and Kayaks on rent along with guides. The location of the operator is ideal to explore the reefs and wrecks of the western end of Bermuda. The center is easily accessible from the Dockyard by bus or taxi (about 10 minutes). 
  • Sea Venture Watersports: Operates from Southampton Parish. They have one-hour and two-hour tours covering the western water areas and exploring many hideaways. 
  • Just Add Water: They have a booking center on Water Street and their main operation is at St. George's Dinghy & Sports Club on Cut road. They offer guided tour to explore several islands on St George's harbor. You have option for single or double jet ski. 
    Water Skiing & The Top Operators 
    While water skiing in Bermuda can be done year round, the best time is between May to September. This is when the water temperature is warmest. It averages to about 83°F (28°C) during this time and dips to about 62°F (17°C) during the winter time. 
    The water ski centers in Bermuda will provide you with all the equipment that you need including boats, skis, safety belts etc. Bermuda law requires that all water skiers are accompanied by a licensed skipper. If you are new, you can also take lessons from experienced instructors or go ahead and try out trick ski, knee or wake boards. The rates vary depending on the fuel costs and usually includes all the equipment and an instructor. 
    There are limited number of waterski centers in Bermuda. Here are few well known ones: 
    Bermuda Waterski & Wakeboard Center 
    Offers Wakeboarding and Water-skiing. It is located at the Robinson's Marina next to the Somerset Bridge in Sandy's Parish. It takes only a 10 minutes bus ride from the dockyard to reach the center. The center is operated by the former Pan-American trick ski champion Kent Richardson. He has a specially designed boat Ski Nautique from which up to five persons can ski at the same time. Lessons are also provided.  
    Contact information: 
    Email: [email protected]; Phone: 441/234-3354, 441/335-1012 
    Operates from Southampton. They offer wake boarding, water ski, tubes and boat rentals, and also Jet Ski Tours. 
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    Visitors' Reviews & Comments 
    Cheryl Hartzfeld (July 2015) 
    Hi - coming to Bermuda in July. We're wanting to go to the beaches our second day there and were wondering if you can rent jet skis on the beach from locals or if the only rentals are through the companies on the island that show up in google searches... thanks! 
    Raj ( July 2015 
    Hi, you can get Jet Skis directly at few beaches like Tobacco Bay Beach in St. George, Snorkel Park Beach at dockyard etc. There are Jet Ski operators located on these beaches. Most others operate from dockyard or other small docks or marinas, and you need to book in advance. 
    Tayler Sheldrick (March 2015) 
    I will be taking a cruise to Bermuda in September with my family and boyfriend, for the jet skiing I was wondering if you have to have a boaters license in order to operate a jet ski, I know some places make that a requirement? Thanks, 
    Raj ( March 2015 
    Hi, no license is required in Bermuda for Jet Skiing.