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UPDATE 2019: The company has closed down.
This outfitter operates out of the Fairmont Southampton Hotel complex at Waterlot Inn dock in Jews Bay. If you are looking to enjoy the Bermuda waters from Jet Ski, or even by wakeboarding, water ski or tubes, Sea Venture can provide some great opportunities. You can join them on organized Jet Ski tours in a group of six or less, or book a private charter ski boat along with an instructor or captain. 

Jet Ski Tours

Out of the guided Jet Ski tours, there are 1-hour, 2-hour and half-day safaris. All the tours leave from the Waterlot Inn dock at Jews Bay in Southampton Parish. You don't need any skills and people of all age can generally avail the tours. 
The 1-hour tour takes you towards the western end of the island. On the way, you will see rays, different kinds of fish, and if lucky even turtles. The tours takes you through world's smallest draw bridge - the Somerset Bridge and into Ely's Harbor which is rich with Bermuda's history.  
From Ely's harbor you will get into a western water area called the Sea Garden. It is so called because you can clearly see the underwater lush coral reefs full with marine life. You will then head towards Daniels Head and see the shipwreck Vixen which was wrecked in 1890s and is partially sub-merged. It is home to hundreds of fish. You will then head back towards east and see some lovely coastal beaches and bays.  
The Jet Ski tour then takes you through a seldom used small bridge called Gray's Bridge and into Great Sound and then back to the Waterlot Inn Dock.  
If time permits, they also take you towards Hamilton Harbor and show you some famous homes and buildings on the shore, or through some of the tiny islands in the harbor. 
In the 2-hour tour, you will additionally see many other exciting places from the water. They will take you to an off-shore snorkeling area where you will see Angel fish, Parrot fish and loads of other tropical fish other than living corals. If you are lucky, you can even see octopus and squids here. Another great place is the lovely Pompano Beach at the western end. 
Other attractions in this tour include Mangrove Bay for snorkeling, Royal Naval Dockyard in Ireland Island at Sandy's, 80-foot high Admiralty House Cliffs that have natural caves which you can see and enter only from the water, great mansions on the Hamilton shoreline some of which supposedly cost over $50 million, etc. You will also get some free time to play around on your own. 

Boat Rentals

Sea Venture Watersports also offers boat rentals. They have a 13-ft Boston Whaler with electric start that you can rent to explore the Bermuda waters. You can also use it for fishing. They provide the maps and instructions. They also have a custom built Wakeboard boat. You can wakeboard or waterski behind a towboat with an instructor. 

Indicative Rates

1 Hour Jet Ski Tour: $125 Single, $150 Double, $160 Triple per Jet Ski 
2 Hour Jet Ski Safari: $220 Single, $270 Double, $270 Triple per Jet Ski 
1/2 Day Jet Ski Excursion: $330 Single, $380 Double, $380 Triple per Jet Ski 
Boat Rental (13' Boston Whaler): $175 Half Day, $300 Full day + Gas 


Waterlot Inn Dock, Jews Bay, Fairmont Southampton Hotel, Southampton, Bermuda 
Bus route: #8 (runs between dockyard and Hamilton) 


Phone: (441)-238-6881; Email: [email protected] 
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