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It is natural that this island with so many lovely beaches and coves, sub tropical climate, surrounding blue waters with magnificent corals, marine life and shipwrecks will attract anybody who loves water. This page is all about the different types of watersport activities that take place in Bermuda. 
When you go through the details of the watersport activities below by navigating to associated links, you will also get to know about the various water locations and the best operators in the island. 

Swimming and Snorkeling

The best time for Swimming and snorkeling in Bermuda is between May to October when the water temperature is warm and comfortable. The water temperature rises from 70s to 80s through the summer. It is however possible to swim even during winter if you are used to cooler waters or have a wetsuit. Bermudians have a tradition of taking the first dip of the year on May 24th, which is the Bermuda Day that marks the official beginning of summer. 
Although Horseshoe Bay, Elbow Beach and John Smith's are among the most popular beaches in the island, Tobacco Bay in St. George's, Shelly Bay in Hamilton Parish, Jobson's Cove in Warwick, and Snorkel Park in Dockyard are perfect family beaches for swimming and snorkeling with calm and shallow waters. For serious snorkelers, Church Bay in Southampton is a great option. You will see colorful fish and corals in many of these beaches. 
However, for a perfect snorkel experience with awesome marine life, reefs and even shipwrecks, you will need to go offshore by a boat. And there are several operators who offer snorkel boat tours (most operate out of the west end dockyard and some from St. George). They take you to water areas with breathtaking views of marine life, coral reefs and even shipwrecks.  
Check out Snorkeling in Bermuda for the best of beachside and offshore snorkeling places and also know about the best swimming and snorkeling cruises. 

Kayaking in Bermuda

Kayaking gives you a great opportunity to explore some of the best kept secrets of Bermuda like the coves that are accessible only from water, coral reefs, marine life, mangroves and lot more. You can get to the tiny islands and water areas in Great Sound like the Paradise Lake, or the Hungry Bay at Paget.  
While you can rent a kayak and be on your own, there are operators who offer guided group kayaking tours along the coastline. There are single as well as double kayaks. And some operators offer LED lit kayaks with glass bottom view so that you can see marine life after sunset - awesome! 
Check out Kayaking in Bermuda to know about the best Kayaking tours with locations, tips and the top operators offering them in Bermuda. 

Water Skiing and Jet Skiing in Bermuda

The protected harbors in Bermuda provide perfect water areas for water skiing including wake boarding, trick ski and slalom. In Bermuda you are required to be accompanied by a licensed captain or an instructor to try out this water sport. You can even take lessons. 
However, Jet skiing does not require such skills and is an easy and exciting dash on a water scooter that can take you to amazing water areas. Some of the most popular Jet Ski water areas are in the west like Ely's Harbor, Great Sound water area etc. Guided group Jet ski tours are offered by several operators in the island. Check out Water Skiing and Jet Skiing to know all about all the best water areas, tours, timings and the operators. 

Flyboarding in Bermuda

This is one of the latest watersports in Bermuda which is meant for the adventure loving persons. Although looks quite scary, it's safe. From a water craft and with the help of water jet pressures and a hose pipe, you will be propelled out of the water and made to fly in the air. 
You will be accompanied by an instructor who will do all the maneuvering. You will only need to keep the balance standing on a platform. If you are a novice, they give you a 10 minutes starter lesson to begin with. It's fun and thrilling! Check out Bermuda Flyboarding for details. 

Helmet Diving in Bermuda

If you have the desire to see the breathtaking underwater world in Bermuda's Atlantic, Helmet dive can be the answer for you. You don't need any swimming ability. You will be able to easily walk on the ocean floor amidst amazing marine life and corals. 
The operator will take you to an offshore water area which is full of marine life and corals, and then with a glass covered helmet on your head and a hose pipe, you will be lowered to the sea floor. You can breathe normally as you walk on the sea floor gazing at the amazing underwater world. And they give you camera to take underwater pictures and capture the amazing scenes. 
Visit Helmet Dive in Bermuda to know about real experiences and the best operators in Bermuda. 

Scuba Diving in Bermuda

Bermuda can fulfill dreams of any diver, whether experienced or one who wants to take a basic scuba lesson. There are some 230 square miles of coral reefs surrounding Bermuda that provide magnificent views of corals, fish and other marine life. And there are large number of shipwrecks in Bermuda waters existing since five centuries. There are 13 official shipwreck sites in Bermuda from 1940 alone and these do not include many yacht wrecks and the ships that sank during world war II. 
There are many dive centers in Bermuda where certified dive masters take the divers to the depths for wreck and reef dives, and also provide certification programs and learning lessons. Some centers also offer Snuba which is a cross between Scuba and Snorkeling. It is carried out in shallow waters (about 20-feet deep) and the oxygen tanks are kept on a floating raft or dinghy. 
Check out Bermuda Scuba Diving to know all about wreck and reef diving, certification and learning programs, and the best dive centers in the island. 

Bermuda Parasailing

If you hadn't had a chance of seeing Bermuda's waters and the spectacular coastlines from high above the sky, this is your opportunity to experience it. There is no training lessons or skills required. You need just a sense of adventure. The expert operators will launch you from their boat and then retrieve you back and you won't even wet your clothes. 
There are a number of parasailing operators in Bermuda who operate both from the Dockyard at the west as well as from St. George's at the east. Check out Parasailing in Bermuda for details. 

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing in Bermuda

There are few great sandy beaches in Bermuda that are popular for kitesurfing (also known as kiteboarding) and windsurfing. Check out Windsurfing and Kitesurfing to find out information about these thrilling sports including how to get rentals, the best beaches, best time etc. 

Stand up Paddleboarding

Lots of enthusiasm is building up for this board sport in Bermuda. You stand up on a board and with the help of an ore, you surf the water and enjoy the views all around. Several operators in the island are offering tours, lessons for beginners and board rentals. Check out Paddleboarding in Bermuda for complete information. 

Sailing and Yachting Activities in Bermuda

Bermuda continues to lure thousands of people every year from all over the world for watching or participating at the numerous races that take place between March and November. Some are organized by yacht clubs and some are international championship events. Many also take a cruise or charter boats to sail around and explore the reefs, islands, marine life and the historic shipwrecks. Check out Sailing Activities in Bermuda for complete information. 

Fishing in Bermuda

Shore fishing or line fishing in Bermuda does not require any permits. You can join the locals who are often seen line fishing from the rocky shores or even from the bridges. You can rent the equipment from any local tackle shop or from your hotel. 
The typical catches include pompano, bonefish and snapper. Reef Fishing (done along the reef line) and Deep Sea Fishing (beyond the reef line and into the open ocean) require a fishing boat. You will be covered by the license of the captain and won't require a separate permit. Common Reef Fishing catches include Bermuda chub, grey/yellow tail snappers, groupers etc. 
Deep Sea Fishing catches include black fin and yellow fin tunas, wahoos, sharks, barracudas etc. Here is a guide on Fishing in Bermuda 

Whale Watching in Bermuda

Spring time between March to April is the best season for watching the migrating humpback whales in Bermuda. This is when these awesome mammals migrate from the Caribbean mating zones to the north Atlantic feeding zone. There are some great whale watching tours by boat. You can also spot whales from the shore. 
Check out Whale Watching to know all about this increasingly popular activity in Bermuda. 

Swimming with Dolphins

Many have dreams to swim and play with dolphins and even touch and feed them. If you have such a desire, there can't be a better place than Bermuda. At Dolphin Quest which is located at the National Museum Complex of Bermuda in Royal Naval Dockyard, there are many programs offered by the center. There are programs designed for you to spend long intimate times with the dolphins, or shorter swims, or you can simply watch the shows.  
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Maura (October 2019) 
Hello, I haven't been to Bermuda since I was a teenager on a cruise with my parents ... (I won't elaborate as to how long ago that was!) Was hoping to book a 4 day vacation with my hubby around the 3rd week of May (May 16, 2020). We are beach/water people and love to be swimming, boating, anything related to being in and on the water. My husband thinks I'll be freezing because in all honestly I'm a warm weather gal and tend to be chilly below 70 degrees. Will we be able to thoroughly enjoy Bermuda beaches and water activities this time of year, or should we push off to another month? Thank you! 
Raj ( October 2019 
Hi, both air and water temperature steadily rises through May and in the second half of the month you can expect average sea temperature to be in low 70s. In fact, May 24th is celebrated traditionally as Bermuda day which is the day when the official summer season begins in the island. Although you can enjoy the beaches in May, June would be even better for all water activities when the average water temperature touches high 70s. 
Jill Mooney (October 2014) 
Hi my husband myself and 2 children aged 17 yrs and 14 yrs were looking to book to stay at the grotto beach resort for new year .just wondering will their be any attractions or watersports open to occupy 2 teens for a week also my teens love the water so will it be warm enough to go into the sea they normal in the water all the time back home in wales In wet suits as the water temp isn't that warm . 
Raj ( October 2014 
Hi, The on-site operator Blue Hole Watersports at Grotto Bay Beach Resort remains open until end-December. They are closed in Jan and Feb, and so are the most other watersports operators in Bermuda. The average water temperature in January is around 65 deg F, so unless one is used to it, a wetsuit will be required.