Parasailing in Bermuda

It can't be more satisfying than seeing Bermuda's turquoise waters, beautiful pink sandy beaches, the coastline, secluded reefs and other great attractions from the sky. One way to experience this is through parasailing. Parasail is available at Dockyard and Hamilton. 
You will be secured by a harness as you sit and relax on the parasail. You won't even touch the waters unless you request for a dip while landing. They will launch you from the boat and retrieve you back into the boat. You can float up to a height of 250 ft. The boat usually takes several persons together and you will need to wait for your turn. While the total time taken can be between 60 to 90 minutes depending on the group size, the time spent flying would be about 8-10 minutes per person. 
Parasailing in Bermuda 
Bermuda Parasailing 
Photo: KS Watersports, Bermuda 
Parasailing is perfect for families and children. You don't require any experience or training. The operators have experienced guides who control the entire operation. They can also allow two persons to parasail together (known as tandem flight) depending on the total weight and the wind conditions. You can take waterproof cameras with you and secure them around your neck. A picture of Bermuda from high above can be worth a million. 
If your family members or friends are parasailing and you like to only watch them from the boat, you can also do that. On request and if there are seats available, the operators let you join them and watch the exciting parasailing activities from the boat... however there is a cost though. 
Here are some of the best parasailing operators in Bermuda: 
They have secured harness type parasails. Their powerful winch boat called 'Thrill Seeker' can take up to 12 persons. You will take off and land on their boat. Two persons can fly together. However the total weight needs to be within 325lbs. You can fly single or tandem depending on wind and discretion of captain. Minimum age of 5 years to participate. They offer the following tours: 
(visit the operator's link above to check the parsailing rates and other details). 
Dockyard Parasailing Adventure and Eco Tour  
This tour operates from the dockyard and it's only 2-3 minute walk from the Kings Wharf or Heritage Wharf where the cruise ships dock. You will be mostly gliding over the western end water area called Great Sound. Once the parasailing is over, there is a sightseeing cruise showing you several attractions... they may take you to coral garden (a water area) full of colorful corals and marine life, or to the partially submerged shipwreck Vixen, or for turtle hunting, swimming, fish feeding etc. Total duration: 2 hours 15 minutes. Flying time: 8-10 minutes.  
NOTE: In case the wind is strong and parasailing can not take place, the boat tour will still proceed and a 2 hours of 'Eco Adventure Boat Tour of the Island and Its Waterways' will be added. 
Dockyard Parasailing Adventure 
This is similar to the above except there is to sightseeing cruise included. Total duration: 1 - 2 hours depending on number of flyers.  8-10 minutes flying time. 
Hamilton Parasailing Adventure 
Departs Hamilton, Albuoy’s Point Tuesday and Friday.  Check in at Hamilton ITC office 30 mins prior to departure. Can fly single or tandem depending on wind at discretion of captain. Total duration: 1 - 2 hours depending on number of flyers.  8-10 minutes flying time.  
KS Watersports does not have any scheduled tours. However you should book in advance during the high tourist season. They are open 7 Days a week from 9am - 6:30pm. 
Visit KS Watersports for rates and contacts. 
Location and Contacts 
6 Dockyard Terrace, Royal Naval Dockyard (near Kings Wharf).   
KS Watersports is located at Bonefish Bar and Grill next to the Ferry Terminal.  
Phone: (441) 238-4155; Email: [email protected] 
The tours can be booked through Island Tour Center (they are located at both Dockyard and Hamilton. Phone: (441) 236-1300; Email: [email protected]
Check in at Hamilton Island Tour Center office 30 minutes prior to departure. 

St. George's Parasail Water Sports Ltd.

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You will take off from and land on the Krant Craft deck without getting wet. The deck can also be skimmed across the water. The parasail type is secured harness style and it operates on the beautiful St. Georges Harbor on the eastern end of the island. Capacity is 6 persons. They operate between May to October. Hours: 9am-6pm (Mon-Fri); 11am-5pm (Sat and Sun). 
Location and Contacts 
Somers Wharf, Town of St. George, St. George's Parish 
Phone: 441/297-1542; Fax: 441/297-1504 

Skyrider Bermuda Ltd.

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They too offer parasailing at the western end of Bermuda from the Dockyard. They fly you over the north shore and Great Sound water area. Launching and retrieval are done from the deck of Skyrider that has a maximum capacity of 10 persons. The parasail type is sit down chair and two persons usually fly together. They operate between May to October. 
Location and Contacts 
Royal Naval Dockyard (near cruise ship terminal), Sandys Parish 
Phone: 441/234-3019; Fax: 441/234-3241 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Donna Potenti (July 2017) 
Hello, we will be in Bermuda in a couple of weeks and would like to Parasail. Can you tell me the rate for this. I just want to be prepared. Thank you. 
Raj ( July 2017 
Hi, rate for Parasailing can vary between operators. KS Watersports charges $110 per person (they operate from the dockyard, i.e., Kings Wharf port location). They combine parasailing with a 30-minute sightseeing eco tour from water. 
Russ (January 2016) 
On the double parasailing, what is the weight limit? Going on a cruise for my honeymoon and she wants to try it out together. Thanks. 
Raj ( January 2016 
Usually the double weight limit is 325lbs. 
Dennis Orner 
Hi, I am from pennsylvannia, U.S.A. My family and I are coming to Bermuda on a cruise in may 2012.We are leaving new york 5/13/12 and are expected to dock at the royal naval yard. A few years ago I was there and went parasailing I don't remember exactly where we were but I would love to do it again with my daughters now that they are older and I would like to know if you still do the parasailing, and if so can you send me some info on the locations and prices... Thank You 
Hi, KS WaterSports and Skyrider Bermuda Ltd. are two companies that I know of who offer parasailing from the dockyard area. You will find the details above. Regards.