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While the peak fishing season in Bermuda is from May to November, you can actually go for fishing year round. May to June is the spring run and you will get plenty of yellow-fin tuna and wahoo compared to the other types of fish in the deep sea. 
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And June onwards as the summer sets in, anglers more often catch blue or white marlins, mahi mahi dolphin fish, great barracudas, sharks of different species and amberjacks, particularly off the shore. In the fall run, you get Wahoos and Yellow-fin Tunas. 
Even in winter time when the temperature is close to 60 degrees (°F), you will still be able to catch medium size bonefish on a sunny day from the shore. Wahoos and Tunas are still available. 
The other types of fish that you get in the Atlantic surrounding Bermuda includes black-fin tuna, groupers, rainbow runner, rockfish and snappers. Although all varieties are not always available, there are actually more than 27 different types of game Fish in Bermuda waters. 
Bermuda has many experienced and skilled fishing veterans who offer their boats and also provide guidance for the best fishing areas and techniques. While there is never a guarantee of a catch, your chances are always better with such guidance from veteran skippers. Remember that fishing had always been a serious livelihood in Bermuda. 
In the past whenever the crops were poor, islanders depended on fishing. During World War-II when import restrictions and rationing were strictly imposed in Bermuda, there was a man from St. David's Island named Geary Pitcher who kept supplying fish to the British Army stationed here during the war. He was able to make enough money to build his own house. 

Shore Fishing

Shore fishing in Bermuda does not require any kind of permit. Some typical catch while fishing from shore includes Bonefish, Grey snapper, pompano and Barracuda. Visit Shore Fishing for details including possible catch, best locations for shore fishing, fishing equipment rentals etc. 

Reef Fishing

There are coral reefs surrounding Bermuda which are often excellent spots for fishing. Reef Fishing in Bermuda can produce catches like Barracuda, little tunny, yellow tail snapper, Grey snapper, lane snapper and Bermuda chub. Visit Reef Fishing to know about great reef locations, fishing tours etc. 

Deep Sea Fishing

Here you go beyond the reef line and into the deep sea, feel the real swell of the ocean and hope to catch rainbow runner, marlin, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, shark or dolphins. Two volcanic sea mounts - Challenger and Argus Banks located several miles offshore are the two main deep sea water areas where a fleet of fishing boats leave for every morning. Visit Deep Sea Fishing for details. 


Bermuda waters is home to largest rock fishes in the world. So if you are game to free dive (without any gears) and catch the large fish with poles, then Bermuda waters is ideally suited for you. Visit Spearfishing for details. 

Fishing Charters

More than 20 charter fishing companies operate in Bermuda. Some of these boats also offer regularly scheduled group fishing trips on certain days of the week. They leave from the ferry docks or marinas at Dockyard and Sandys, Hamilton and St. George's harbor. 
FishinBooker is one of the top online fishing charter booking companies. You can use the following button to visit their site, compare the different fishing charters in Bermuda and book one online. 
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Check out Bermuda Fishing Charters to know about the main Fishing Charters in Bermuda and also their offerings on group fishing tours. 

Fishing License

For both Reef fishing and Deep Sea fishing you are covered by the license of the boat captain. So you don't need a separate license. The best way is to take a fishing charter boat. Although you can join a group fishing tour at a much cheaper per-person rate, a charter fishing in the deep sea or from the reefs is a special experience. You can ask the boat captain to take you to a water or reef area where you get the type and size of fish you are looking for. 

Fishing Guidelines

Note that there are some guidelines imposed on fishing in Bermuda although there is no permit or license required. For example, one can not catch and take lobsters along unless one has commercial fishing license. It's 100% release. There are similar such guidelines for few other types of fish as well. 
There is a restriction that you can not collect sea turtles, whales, dolphins, or corals. You can not take conch and many other types of shells available in the waters. While fishing, you are always encouraged to release the fish unless you want to eat it. However you can get a certificate from the captain recording the type and weight of your catch. If you are taking a charter boat for fishing, I would recommend that you consult the skipper of the boat to know about all the fishing regulations in Bermuda. 
Note that marine turtles in Bermuda are protected species. Recreational fishing has been a threat to these turtles. Unwanted fishing lines and hooks thrown into the waters have caused many turtles having fish hooks embedded in their mouth, throat and even stomach resulting in serious injuries and even death. There are several turtles that had been admitted to the BAMZ Rehabilitation Center for treatment over the past decades. 
Bermuda National Trust has recently installed several monofilament recycling bins at popular fishing spots around the Island. These bins are made of 6-inch PVC pipes and serve as waste receptacles for unwanted fishing lines. If you find any dead or injured sea turtles, please report to BAMZ at 441/293-2727. You can also get some basic fishing information from Bermuda Game Fishing Association located in Hamilton (Phone: 441/292-7131). Another great place to get all the fishing tips and advice in Bermuda is from Fly Bridge Tackle on Church Street, Hamilton City (opposite the City Hall). You can also buy fishing equipment from here. 
A hotline number 705-FISH (3474) has been introduced in Bermuda so that members of public can report any illegal fishing activities. You can also call up the number and directly talk to the Marine Resource Staff or Fisheries Wardens to know about current fishing regulations in Bermuda. 

Bermuda Fishing Events and Competitions

There are a number of fishing tournaments that are held in Bermuda every year. Here are the most popular ones: 
Bermuda Billfish Release Cup is an offshore fun-filled open fishing event participated by anglers with their full families. 
Bermuda Billfish Blast is an open event and a fishing competition held in the island every year. It's held in concert with Blue Marlin World Cup championship and is the first leg of Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship. 
Held every year, Bermuda Big Game Classic is the largest and one of the most popular open fishing events in the island. It also serves as the second leg of Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship. 
Sea Horse Anglers Club Championship is the oldest fishing event in Bermuda. It is also the 3rd and the last leg of Triple Crown Series. 
Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish championship is an open fishing tournament having three legs. The boat accumulating maximum points out of all the three legs becomes the winner. 
Annual Junior Fishing Tournament 
This tournament is organized by Bermuda Anglers Club which is the oldest anglers club in Bermuda... it was established in 1937. Boys and girls 16 years or under can participate and fish anywhere permitted by Bermuda Fisheries Regulations. Kids can use rods and reels, or a handline, fish from shore or a boat. Prizes are usually given away for various categories at Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club. The allowed catch includes marlin, spearfish, shark, parrot fish etc. 
The club holds several other fishing tournaments in the island. Monthly meetings take place at Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club. 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Karen Thomas (September 2019) 
Hi! I'm looking for an inexpensive way to get out on the water and catch fish. Any ideas? 
Raj ( September 2019 
Hi, you can join a group fishing tour (usually for 3 hours) which is far cheaper than a fishing charter. Jolly Roger is one company which offers group fishing tours on their fishing boat. You can find more information under Fishing Charters
Steve (August 2013) 
Coming down on a cruise Aug 4th thru Aug 10th, was wondering about early morning surf fishing. Where to go? What bait or lures to use. We are coming into kings wharf. Thank you for any suggestions 
Raj ( August 2013 
Hi, St Catherine's Beach and Whale Bay Beach are usually good for surf fishing. You will get more info in Bermuda Shore Fishing
Debbie Checchia (April 2013) 
Hi we will be docking at 9:00 am at Fishermans Wharf on May 27 from the Royal Carribean cruise line. My daughters and I want to hit the beaches and thats it. My husband would like to go on a sport fishing charter trip/deep sea fishing trip that is not too expensive. Do you have any information for us as to how he would go about that? Thank you 
Raj (, April 2013) 
Hi, The cost depends on number of booking hours and the weight of the catch targeted because they set up the lines and equipment in the boat accordingly. Usually the minimum booking time is 4 hours, but some operators offer only half or full day fishing charters. In Bermuda Fishing Charters I have listed the well known fishing charters in Bermuda along with their contact info. Please try to contact a few of them, let them know about your exact requirement and choose the one offering minimum cost.