Bermuda Fishing Charters

Fishing Charter is an ideal way to go about deep sea or reef fishing or even in-shore fishing in Bermuda. You have a well equipped boat of your own which is operated by an experienced captain. And the captains know the best deep sea or reef areas. The charters can set up lines anywhere from 20 to 130 pound-test depending on whether you like to catch big fish or smaller ones. The charter boats are usually 30 to 40-foot long. There are few smaller ones as well. 
They usually have all kinds of sensors and devices to locate fish, like GPS, fish finding sonar devices, radar, depth sounders and such, and are also fitted with safety devices. Some of the common catches in Bermuda waters include White and Blue Marlin, Black fin and Yellow fin Tuna, Wahoo, Barracuda, Shark, Snapper etc. 
Charter fishing in Bermuda is relative expensive. Depending on half day (i.e. 4 hours) or full day (i.e. 8 hours) boat charter and the type of boat, the charges can vary between $1600 to $3,000. Inshore fishing rates are lesser. The fishing charter rates will usually include all fishing equipment, bottled water etc but generally not your meals and beverages which are charged extra if arranged by the operator. 
Over 20 fishing charters operate in Bermuda. Here are some of the well known ones: 

Overproof Charter Fishing

This 58-ft custom Carolina fishing boat is captained by Peter Rans. He is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable persons in the profession and has won a number of International Tackle tournaments. The boat can cruise at 28knots. They use latest in deep sea fishing electronics and tackles including Alutecnos and Shimano Tiagra reels. The oversized cockpit has a bluewater fighting chair and there are comfortable seating around to watch the action. The boat has an air-conditioned salon, two staterooms, two baths and a kitchen with modern amenities. 
Overproof Fishing Boat 
Overproof Fishing Boat 
Indicative Rates: 
  • Strictly Marlin Fishing $2,400, 8 hours for up to 6 people. 
  • Full Day $2,100, 8 hours for up to 6 people. 
  • 3/4 Day $1,900, 6 hours for up to 6 people. 
  • They also offer night fishing and inshore fishing (fly and bonefishing) in a smaller boat with a local guide. 
    136 Somerset Road, Sandys, Bermuda. 
    Phone: (441)238-5663; (441) 335-9850; Email: [email protected] 

    Reel Addiction

    Owner Captain Cragin is vastly experienced in the Atlantic waters having participated in many international tournaments. He has twice won the Bermuda Billfish Tournament. Reel Addiction is a 48-foot custom Carolina with 16-foot beam and a flared bow. The cabin has AC, a plasma TV, a DVD player, and a kitchenette. The boat is geared with advanced tackle, full complement of Shimano and Penn reels and contemporary electronic and navigation equipment. Reed Addiction offers deep sea fishing charters targeting wahoo, tuna, marlins etc. 
    Reel Addiction Fishing Boat 
    Reel Addiction Fishing Boat 
    Indicative Rates: 
  • Strictly Marlin Fishing – $1,800. Minimum 8 hours for up to 6 people. 
  • Full Day – $1,600. Minimum 8 hours for up to 6 people 
  • 3/4 Day – $1,400. Minimum 6 hours for up to 6 people 
  • Half Day – $1,150. Minimum 4 hours for up to 6 people 
    #1 Cavello Lane, Sandys, Bermuda. 
    Phone: (441) 799-9927; Email: [email protected] 

    Mako Charters

    Captained by Allen, this is a 65ft Hatteras known as 'Es Mucho'. It has a cruising speed of 28 knots. The boat has 4 staterooms and 4 baths with modern amenities and great interior decor. They have Tuna Tubes for live baiting ½ pound tinker mackerel, large live well to hold Ocean Robins for live baiting, a chumming station for Tuna fishing etc. They focus mainly on fishing Blue Marlin, Tuna and Wahoo. 
    Es Mucho, Mako Charters 
    Es Mucho 
    Indicative Rates: 
    Full day ( 9 hrs ):  $3000 (up to 6 persons, the boat can accommodate up to 10). Rate includes bottled water and soda. They can also arrange for food on request. They also offer 'Live Aboard' for overnight stay on the boat (call them for rates). 
    11 Abri Lane, Spanish Point, Pembroke Parish. 
    Phone: (441) 295-0835; Boat Phone:  (441) 505-8626 

    Bermuda Reef Fishing

    Also known popularly as the Baxter's Reef Fishing, the main person behind this fishing tour is Captain Mike Baxter... he and his sons have been fishing on Bermuda waters for over 30 years. He operates a relatively small 32-ft boat (Ellen B), and takes the group to reef fishing areas. The boat can accommodate up to 6 persons. Although he offers private fishing charters, he also runs group fishing tours that operate on per person rate and therefore a lot more affordable. 
    Baxter's Ellen B Boat 
    Baxter’s Ellen B Boat 
    The trips usually operate from 8:30AM - 12:30PM Monday - Saturday. The boat usually leaves from the Pier 41 in Royal Navy Dockyard. For more information, go through Reef fishing in Bermuda
    Indicative Rates 
    The per person rate is $110 for adult (for a child below 12 years the rate is $85). You can also charter the boat for half day for $650. They accept all major credit cards. 
    Phone: 441/2342963, 334 9722; Email: [email protected] 
    The availability of tours vary between November and April. 

    Jolly Roger

    Powered by two 435hp turbo diesel engines, Jolly Roger boat was built at Maryland in 2000 and can accommodate up to 40 persons. It has several onboard amenities including an air-conditioned cabin with two restrooms. There is also a cash snack bar selling beverages, snacks, beer etc. Souvenirs like Jolly Roger T-shirts and caps are available on board. 
    For fishing, they provide tackle and bait. From Monday through Friday, they have regularly scheduled group fishing trips (9am to 1pm) leaving from Royal Naval Dockyard offering about 3 hours of actual fishing time. The boat is also available for chartered fishing for full day, 3/4 day and half day. Chartered fishing can be done in either inshore water areas or offshore (deep sea). 
    Jolly Roger 
    Jolly Roger 
    Indicative Rates: 
    Group Tour: $110 for adults;  $75 for children under 12 years of age. 
    Full Day Charter (8hrs): $1,800 for up to 12 persons (inshore fishing) 
    Half Day Charter (4hrs): $1,400 for up to 12 persons (inshore fishing) 
    Full Day Charter (8hrs): $1,800 for up to 8 persons (offshore fishing) 
    Half Day Charter (4hrs): $1,200 for up to 8 persons (inshore fishing) 
    Phone: (441) 234-2193; Mobile: (441) 333-2204 

    Sanctuary Marine

    The 2008 built boat Riviera is 53ft long and 16ft wide. You can take it on fishing charter for both inshore (up to 10 persons) and deep sea fishing (up to 6 persons). The boat is equipped with fish finder, GPS, Italy made Alutecnos reels, air-conditioning, satellite radio, fridge, freezers etc. Captain Arthur and Matthew Jones have decades of fishing experience in Bermuda. Complimentary soft drinks are provided during a fishing charter. You can also buy liquor or beer. On-board chef is available on request for meals. 

    Paradise One

    The 54-foot sports fishing catamaran is quite spacious. It has two cabins, two bathrooms, a well equipped kitchen, a dining nook and a lounge area. The boat is operated by Captain Allan Bean and his brother Delvin who together have over 25 years of fishing experience and have won a number of sport fishing tournaments in Bermuda (and even in Bahamas). Depending on the type of fishing charter you choose, you can expect to catch Blue and White Marlins, Black Fin and Yellow Fin Tunas, Wahoo, Snapper, Turbot, Amaco and Amber fish, Baracuda, Rainbow Runners etc. 
    Paradise One Fishing Boat 
    Paradise One Fishing Boat 
    There are full day, half day and 3/4 day trips offered. The fishing charters leave from Robinson's Marina, near Somerset Bridge at Sandys. It's quite close to the dockyard and convenient for the cruise passengers. Fishing gears, tackle and bait are provided. 
    Indicative Rates: 
    Rates are for  up to 6 persons. Additional $100 per person will apply for 7 or more. Th eboat has a capacity of up to 25. 
  • Regular Deep Sea Fishing - 1/2 Day: $1,450; 3/4 Day: $1,750; Full Day: $1,950 
  • Marlin Fishing (Blue and Yellow Marlins only) - 1/2 Day: $1,750; 3/4 Day: $1,950; Full Day (Non-tournament): $2,150 
  • Reef fishing - 1/2 Day: $1,150; 3/4 Day: $1,350; Full Day: $1,550  
    7 Colony Valley, Southampton Bermuda 
    Phone: 441/734-9409 or 705-6134 

    Challenger Fishing Charter

    The Challenger is a 40-foot game fisherman boat operated by Alan and Ian Card (Father and Son). Captain Alan has over 40 years of experience in charter fishing and Ian has 21 years of experience. Alan has won a number of championships including 1993 Blue Marlin World Cup Championship and has to his credit 6 of the biggest blue marlins caught in Bermuda. 
    The boat can go up to a speed of 30 knots. It's equipped with twin diesel engines; tuna tower and large cockpit with fighting chair. The boat is available for 8 hours, 6 hours and 4 hours. This charter is ideal if you are planning for Big game fishing like Marlin or Tuna. 
    Challenger Fishing Boat 
    Challenger Fishing Boat 
    5 Wreck Road, Somerset, Sandys, Bermuda 
    Phone: (441) 234-0872 or (441) 337-2109 

    Albatross Fishing Charters

    They are located at the St. David's island. The boat leaves from Ordnance island in St. George's and reaches the fishing zone in 15 to 20 minutes. Albatross-V is a 35-foot by 12-foot Henriques Maine Coaster Sport-fisherman built in 1995 and is captained by Peter Olander who might look a little taciturn but is quite competent when it comes to fishing. The boat has an air-conditioned cabin and is fitted with modern gears, electronics and tackles. The 120 square feet cockpit has a unlimited lee fighting chair. There is also an enclosed flybridge. 
    They offer full-day, half-day and 3/4-day fishing trips for 4 to 6 persons. Soda and water are complimentary. They can also organize lunch on request. 
    Phone: 441/ 331-8089 

    Reel Hot Charters

    This is a 43ft Torres boat built in Florida and captained by Nick New - a Bermudian having extensive experience in charter fishing in Bermuda's waters. He has been a captain since 1990. The boat has a spacious cockpit, an air-conditioned cabin with couches where you can relax and listen to music whenever you want. There are two fighting chairs. They provide all kinds of top shelf Shimano reels with custom rods. They operate out of St. George at the eastern end of the island. 
    Reel Hot Charters 
    8 Cut Road, St. George, Bermuda. 
    Email: [email protected]; Phone: (441) 537-6040 

    Mattanza Sports Fishing

    X No longer in operation since 2017 
    This is a 51-foot custom Carolina sport fishing boat built in 2008 and captained by Brooks Rans who has been fishing in Bermuda for over 25 years (he won tournaments like Billfish Blast). The boat is powered by two 660hp Cummins diesel engines and can cruise at a speed of 28 knots. The salon is spacious, air-conditioned and has TV, DVD and Play Station. The galley has freezers and microwave. The cockpit is large. The boat is fitted with modern fishing gears and equipment. 
    They specialize in giant blue marlins and provide tackles and baits. There is a 130lb fighting chair and refrigerated ice box to keep the catch chilled. There are full day and 3/4 day fishing charters offered. The boat generally takes 6 persons with a maximum of 8 persons at additional charges. 
    Phone: (441) 737-0265 

    Playmate Fishing Charters

    X No longer in operation 
    The Playmate is a 43-foot Torres Sports Fisherman boat. It has a 660 horse power diesel engine. Gadgets include a GPS positioning device, Auto Pilot, Fish Finder, VHF radio, EPIRB, cell phone, a stereo sound system and cabin AC. Fishing equipment include: Tournament tackle - 12lb through to 130lb, two Fishing Chairs, Outriggers, Downriggers and so on... great for deep sea fishing. 
    Captain Kevin Winter 
    4 Mill Point Lane, Pembroke, Bermuda. 
    Email: [email protected]; phone: (441) 799-8862 

    Equalizer Charters

    X No longer in operation 
    Captained by Reggie Horseman, it's a 38-foot Henriques Sports Fisherman, 480hp diesel Volvo engine that can take a top speed of 30 knots. They also have an 8kw onboard generator. Facilities include: Release Fighting Chair, Outriggers, AC cabin, safety gear package, fully enclosed fly bridge with seating. 
    Location: Suite 1043, 48 Par-la Ville Road, Hamilton, Bermuda. 
    Phone: (441)296-9158 or (441)537-3474; Email: [email protected] 

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    Visitors' Reviews and Comments

    John Gaudio (May 2013) 
    Our family is traveling to Bermuda from July 10th to the 14th. We have been to the island a number of times and really love it. Since this is my 18 year old's last vacation before he heads off to college, I'd like to plan a special day of inshore fishing for barracuda and bonefish. I'm wondering if you can recommend a charter that provides day fishing like this. I tried Overproof, but they have suspended inshore charters due to lack of a guide. Any suggestions you can provide would be much appreciated. We are staying at the Pompano so something reasonably close by would be desirable. Thank you for your help. 
    Raj ( May 2013 
    You can try one of the following fishing charters for inshore fishing in Bermuda: 
    1) Jump dem Bones: The boat is a small 18-ft custom built Dolphin skiff (no shades). Captain Ian Linnell has over 30 years of fishing experience. You can charter the boat for half day (4 hours - $450) or full day (7 hours - $675). They have pickups at various places all across the island, so your location is not a problem. 
    Phone: 441/747-6911; Email: [email protected] 
    2) Baxter's Reef Fishing - Captain Michael Baxter has over 25 years of fishing experience. His boat Ellen B is a 32-ft comfortable fishing boat with ample indoor space and shades. While he runs regularly scheduled reef fishing trips on shared basis, you can also charter the boat for half day or full day. Half day (4 hours) rate is $600 for up to 6 persons. They start from Mangrove Bay public dock at Somerset (Sandys Parish) which is not far away from Pompano. Phone: 441/2342963, 334 9722; Email: [email protected] 
    Hope this helps! 
    Kristen Walters (January 2012) 
    Our family took a cruise to Bermuda July 2011. Some of us wished to go deep sea fishing so I researched some charters online and ended up booking the Mattanza. From the start we had a GREAT experience. I had called Brooks about going on a Friday, but a tournament was scheduled to start, he was nice enough to refer me to others, who were also booked. We changed our day and ended up booking Brooks, and his crew on the Mattanza. We literally walked off our cruise boat and across the street where Brooks and his crew picked us up. We pulled right out, and started fishing within the hour.  
    Not long after we had our first hit, Barracuda. Then again, this time a White Marlin. We had 3 more hits, but no luck hooking in. The boat was amazing and the crew was more than nice. We even visited them at the fish weigh-in after the tournament. We were extremely impressed and pleased with our experience and if we are ever back in Bermuda we WILL be booking the Mattanza again!