Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship

Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish championship is an open fishing tournament that has three legs: 
Anglers can participate in each of the legs independently with its own entree fee or compete in all the three events for the Bermuda Triple Crown Championship (BTC). There is no separate entry for Triple Crown Championship. 


All the teams competing in the BTC tournament follow the rules of each of the individual legs. Points from all the three legs are added up and the team that accumulates maximum points becomes the winner. Incase of a tie, the team that gathers the points first gets the trophy. Boats are not required to have the same team representative or anglers in each of the three events. 


Each qualifying event has the same scoring system for billfish. There are 500 points for blue marlin releases and one point per pound for every blue marlin that exceeds the minimum weight of 500 pounds. Release of white marlin, sailfish and spearfish would earn 200 points each. There is also penalty for underweight fish release. For underweight blue marlin the penalty is 500 points plus two points for every pound the fish is underweight. 


This is a boat championship and the winner is the team that gathers the maximum points out of all the three events. Championship rings and trophies are awarded to the winners at the end of the final leg of the tournament series. Only registered anglers, captains and mates who competed in the events are eligible for the awards. In addition, each member of the BTC Champion team receives fabulous prize packages from the sponsors. 

Schedule 2016

Billfish Blast: July 3-7, 2016 
Big Game Classic: July 13-17, 2016 
Seahorse Anglers Club Tournament: July 20-24, 2016 
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Contacts for further info

Dan Jacobs,  
Tournament Series Producer,  
460 N. Orlando Avenue, Suite 200, Winter Park, Florida 32789, USA 
Phone: 407 571 4680, fax 407 571 4681 
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