Best Fishing Locations in Bermuda Waters

So looking to find the best water areas in Bermuda that are great for fishing? Well that really depends on what kind of fishing you are planning for. The shore fishing areas are different from the reef fishing areas, which in turn is different from the deep sea fishing areas. 
And the type of fish that you catch will also be different from one location to the other. But remember that basically there are two types of fish in Bermuda waters. Inshore fish are found in the inland water areas and the migrating (technically known as the Pelagic) fish are usually found in the deep ocean. 
Unfortunately, the population of inshore fish have come down drastically. This has happened between the World War II and 1990 when large number of fishermen used Fish Pots to catch fish in large quantities to cater to the flourishing fishing business and demand for fish in the island. The fish pots are actually large fish cage that were lowered at different levels in the water. The fishes could get in through a narrow funnel type passage but could not manage to come out. 
Use of fish pot was finally banned in 1990 by the then Environment Minister of Bermuda. But the damage was already done by that time. Today there are some protected water areas including the area around Nonsuch Island where you can not fish. 
But if you are planning to go offshore and deeper into the sea and around the reef areas, there are plenty of fish to catch. Most of the reef and deep sea fish can be found in the banks of water that have been formed by the volcanic mounts close to Bermuda. 
These mounts have risen from the ocean floor and have come up close to the water surface. The upper crust of these mounts have been covered with corals and are ideal feeding grounds for many different types of fish and other marine life. 
There are essentially three such water banks formed around the mounts. Two of them are in the south western water area of Bermuda and one in the north eastern water area. Challenger Bank is one of the nearest and is about 12 miles away from the south-western coast. 
Further away (about 30 miles from the coast) is the Argus Bank. And at the North Eastern water area is the Bowditch Seamount which too is about 30 miles away from Bermuda's coastline. 
I would highly recommend that you reach the boat dock early in the morning and chat with the fishermen before they leave for the day. They know which water area on the day is suitable for good catch. You can also listen to the FM Radio which continuously broadcasts the fish locations (not the exact coordinates though). The radio will talk about things like which sea mount area is showing schools of wahoo etc. 
However what and how many you can catch also depends on the season and the current other than the location. For example May to August is a great time for fishing in Bermuda. This is when in fact the most important fishing tournaments are held in the island and the water remains relatively calm throughout the summer season. 
But remember there are some species on which restrictions apply. Rock fish is not an easy catch. But the restriction is that you must be satisfied with only one catch (and the first catch) of the day per boat. You can catch other fish but not this one after you caught one. 
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