Jet Ski Safari from Snorkel Park Bermuda

There is an excellent Jet Ski or electrical Scooter Safari available at the western end of the island. The water safari starts from the Snorkel Park Beach at the Royal Naval Dockyard complex. This wonderful safari is meant for people of all age. 
Although you will need to ride your own water scooter, there is really no skill required. A tour guide will lead a group of riders through the scenic water areas. You get a marvelous view, enjoy sightseeing, and see some great marine life on the way. 
If you are lucky, you will see a ray passing by or even jump in front of you. There are lots of different kinds of fishes around. We have even seen many turtles quickly getting out of our sight. 
These turtles are very fast and get extremely scared by the noise of the scooters. So, there is no point chasing them. We had shut our engines and watched them play from a distance. You will often see blue and white herons, and the ever graceful birds - Bermuda Longtails. 
The tour guide will take the group of riders through the Somerset Bridge - this is the world's smallest drawbridge. As you go under the Somerset Bridge, you will see the picturesque Ely's Harbor. This is a small beautiful harbor rich with Bermuda's history. 
You will then shoot towards the Daniels Head to see the popular Shipwreck Vixen. This is a partially submerged shipwreck that was sunk in 1890. You can see its front portion of the hull sticking out of the water surface. 
It has now become home to hundreds of fish and a spectacle to watch. The fishes will come all around you and its a great experience to watch so many of them in one place. 
From here you will head towards beautiful sea gardens and then along scenic coastal beaches, bays and many tiny islands before you finally get back to Snorkel Park. 
The whole safari lasts for about 60 minutes (2 hour safari is also available). If there is free time, the tour guide also lets you play around with your jet ski or the scooter. You can spin or show off your skills if you want to. It's always wise to keep safe distance from your fellow riders to avoid any accidents. 
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The jet ski safari operates from the Snorkel Park Beach which is located within the Dockyard complex where the cruise ships dock. The beach is a few minutes walking distance from the cruise ship berth. 
You can reach the dockyard by bus #7 and 8 from Hamilton City that takes about an hour, and also by a direct ferry that takes about 20 minutes from Hamilton City. The cruise ship passengers docked at Kings/Heritage wharf can just walk across (5 minutes). 
Phone: 441/234-6989; Email: [email protected] 
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