Harrington Sound Bermuda

Harrington Sound is a wonderful inland lake in Bermuda surrounded mainly by Hamilton parish and Smiths parish. There is a small narrow inlet that connects this lake to Atlantic ocean, known as the Flatts inlet. The water in this lake mostly flows in through the underwater caves and subterranean passages. The sound has been named after Lucy Harrington, a lady from the Elizabethan days who did a lot for the Parish. Harrington sound has many small islands in it like the Trunk island and Rabbit Island. Some of them are inhabited through out the year. 
The water area is excellent for activities like swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing etc. Although there are many types of fish that you can find here, over the years the population of shell fish like the scallops have been steadily decreasing. 
Harrington Sound Bermuda 
Harrington Sound Bermuda 
Bottom of the Harrington Sound is the lowest point in Bermuda. It's estimated to be some 70 feet deep near Devils Hole. Many once thought that the sound was part of a bottomless volcanic crater. 
Harrington Sound 
How to reach Harrington Sound 
One of the best ways to see the Sound is from the Harrington Sound Road in Hamilton parish. Take a moped or Bus #3 for a beautiful scenic ride. As you take the section of the road in Hamilton parish and go towards east from Smith's Parish, you will see some great scenery and attractions like Leamington Caves and Tom Moore's Tavern
There are many caves and coves around the Harrington Sound. Harrington Sound Road in Hamilton Parish starts from the junction of Broken Hill road and goes all the way towards east up to the junction of Wilkinsons Avenue. 
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