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This page is about finding the right boat rental company in Bermuda who offer small motorized boats on rent. They are non-crewed and you need to drive the boats on your own. Such boats are ideal to explore various parts of the water area, coastline, snorkel and dive sites, caves and even many tiny islands in Bermuda that are otherwise inaccessible by larger sail boats. 
However if you are looking for crewed private charters, then check out Bermuda Charter Boats to know about the best options. The small boats are usually rented out on hourly rates, or you can rent for a full day. Depending on the type of boat, a half-day (4 hours) rental charge may vary from $275 to $400. Additionally you pay for the consumed fuel. The operators give you all the instructions about what to do in different situations and provide you with all safety gears.  
So even if you are a novice, you can easily navigate the boat along the waters. Usually no radio device is provided. So carry your own cell phone for emergency contacts if necessary. Some operators of course do provide cell phones for emergencies. Also due to long sun exposures, use sun block lotions adequately and carry enough drinking water. 
Here are some of the best boat rental operators in Bermuda. Depending on which part of Bermuda's water you want to access, you will accordingly need to choose one. As you visit the respective operator, you will get to know their detailed offerings, specialization and contact information: 
They are located at Kings Point in Sandys and very convenient for exploring the three islands (Inner, Middle and Outer) that are located off the western coastline. They too are close to Royal Naval Dockyard. They offer 17ft 40hp motor boats that can accommodate up to 6 persons. The boat comes with a sun shade. H2O also offers Dinghies that can accommodate 2 persons. 
They are located at Grotto Bay Beach Hotel at the eastern side of Bermuda and great for exploring the islands at Castle Harbor. They offer Boston Whalers, and also small battery operated boats (Sunkats), paddle boats, etc. 
They offer a 21-ft Pontoon Beach Catamaran which has a capacity of 10 persons. Key features includes - full tank fuel, cooler with ice, safety equipment, map of the island, snorkel gears, floating noodles, radio/CD player, marine head toilet etc. They are located at the Royal Naval Dockyard where most cruise ships dock. You can optionally hire a captain if you don't want to drive the boat. 
They operate from the Robinsons Marina next to the Somerset Bridge in Sandy's parish. The location is close to the Royal Naval Dockyard (Kings Wharf). They are convenient for exploring the islands at the Ely's Harbor and beyond. They offer Boston Whalers that are small (13ft, 30hp) motor boats that can move at a max speed of about 35 miles per hour. It can accommodate maximum of 4. The boat has a sun shade. 
They operate from Hamilton City and deliver the boats at the Hamilton waterfront (near Barrs Bay Park area at the west end of Front Street). They have 17ft Boston Whaler (40 hp motor) that can carry up to 6 persons, and 23ft BeachCat Pontoon Boat with a capacity of 10 adults. 
Other than standard onboard features, they also offer emergency use cell phones, pedestal table for picnicking, bag of bread for feeding fish etc. 
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This is a relatively new watersport facility located at St. George's. Their boats include 16-ft Scout with 40HP engine and 15-ft Boston Whaler with 40HP engine. Offers good opportunity to explore St. George's harbor and the many islands in it as well as for viewing the old historical forts on some of these islands. They have a booking center on Water Street and their main operation is at St. George's Dinghy and Sports Club on Cut road.  

So what can you explore with a rental boat?

Before you select a boat and a rental operator for yourself, won't you like to decide which water area, islands and coastline you want to explore? Because that will essentially determine which operator should you go for. Depending on the coastline you choose (western, northern, eastern etc), the water areas in Bermuda can offer you different surprises and treasures. 
And there are rental operators who are ideally located and geared for exploring specific water areas. So check out Exploring Bermuda's islands and coasts on rental boat to know about what you can unearth as you explore the water areas and coastline of Bermuda. 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Laura Allen (October 2015) 
Hi, Raj. I have a couple of questions about renting a boat. We will be arriving by Ship. I read that if you rent a Boston Whaler or twin Vee around Somerset Village, you cannot go very far out from the shore. So my question (besides which is more stable, a whaler or twin Vee?) is if this is going to be your only time to Bermuda, would you rent a 17Ft. Twin Vee at Sandy Parrish at H2O for 4 hours, or go to Blue Hole Watersports and rent a Boston Whaler for 4 hours? It sounds like the scenery (St. George Harbor, St. David's island) is more beautiful and more to see than if you are down at Somerset Village. Which would be your recommendation? We'd like to snorkel, have a picnic and enjoy the views of Bermuda. Would it be difficult or confusing to try to get to the Blue Hole Watersports since it seems farther from the ship than H2O? What do you suggest? Thanks so much for your help in making a brief time a great experience. 
Raj ( October 2015 
Hi Laura, I personally like Boston Whaler over Twin Vee, and find it more stable. In western waters, you can boat to the Middle Kings Point Island (from H2O Sports location) which has a small lovely beach and great for picnic. The Castle Harbor at the eastern end is overall more scenic and has numerous tiny islands many of which are unnamed, have tiny beaches with shallows (great for snorkeling). To get to Blue Hole Watersports, take a ferry to Hamilton, then bus #10 or 11.... it's a bit cumbersome, but well worth it. 
Jim Cragen (June 2014) 
Raj, great website. From your experience, which is the best boat rental (non-charter) near Kings Wharf, full day 1st week in July, fishing and bait and boats in good condition? 
Raj ( June 2014 
Hi, You can try Somerset Bridge Watersports or H2O Sports.