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Fort William was one of the many forts that were built in the early 1600s by Richard Moore, the first Governor of Bermuda who started the first official British settlement in the island. 
Located in St. George's Parish, the fort was built to protect the St. George's Town. It was constructed at the site of Warwick Castle. Similar to Fort George, Fort William also had an inner keep or a fort house with three floors and surrounded by a dry moat. 
In 1775 one of the greatest treacheries in Bermuda's history took place in Fort William. In support of the American Revolution, the Bermudians conspired and stole hundreds of barrels of gunpowder stored in the fort by the British and handed it over to the Americans. In fact there was a written communication from George Washington asking the Bermudians to steal the gunpowder. 
The Americans used the gunpowder for the Battle of Bunker Hill, which they lost though. But in their appreciation of such cooperation, they subsequently lifted the embargo on supply of food and grains to Bermuda. This embargo was in place those days for all the British occupied territories including Bermuda. 
Fort William, the way it appears today, was reconstructed in 1830s and the construction continued till 1850s. By the time the fort was completed, the military advancements made it completely obsolete. In 1880s, the dry moat was covered up and the fort was converted into a gunpowder storehouse. 

How to reach

Fort William is located just above the Town of St. George. Although this is classified as a World Heritage Site, the fort interior is not accessible to the general public. Unfortunately, the fort has remained closed for many years. However, you can still go and take a look from outside. 
Bus routes #1, 3, 10 and 11 operate between Hamilton and St George. From dockyard, you can also take the Orange route ferry for St George (operates only in summer though). 
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