Gates Fort Bermuda

Located at the end of the Cut Road in St. George Bermuda, Gates Fort was built around 1612. It sits right on the edge of Town Cut, a channel that was created for ships to enter the St. George Harbor. Gates fort with its great vantage point overlooking the Town Cut, was built to stop any suspect or enemy boats to enter the St. George Harbor from the open sea. It was named after Thomas Gates, the Governor elect of Jamestown Virginia. 
In 1609, Thomas Gates was also in the same ship Sea Venture along with Somers and his men, that got wrecked near St. George. He governed Bermuda between 1609 to 1610, and later became the Governor of Jamestown, Virginia. 
Gates Fort was also known as the Town Cut Fort and Danvers Fort, and subsequently was called the Town Cut Battery. In 1790s, Captain Andrew Durnford rebuilt this fort and mounted four cannons there. There is a guardhouse right at the entrance of the fort. In 1800s, the soldiers used the Keep, that is the main fort building as their barracks and the guardhouse as the kitchen. From 1870 to 1922, this small fort was used by a local family as their residence. Later it was returned to the Government. 
Gates Fort Bermuda 
Gates Fort Bermuda 
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As you walk into Gates Fort, you will still find two George III guns mounted. As you go to the top of the fort, you will see the great advantage the British soldiers had defending the entrance of the harbor. You will stand in the same place where they once stood in 17th century. The feeling is awesome. 
The Town Cut channel is just next to it, and the view of the harbor and the channel leading to the open sea is marvelous. This is also a great location to watch how the cruise ships navigate through the narrow channel into the harbor. 

Open Hours

Daily from 10am to 4:30pm 
Admission is free. 

How to reach Gates Fort

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Gates Fort is in St. George's and a mile south of St. Catherine Fort. It's located at the end of the Cut Road that goes along the coast line.  
Whenever we visit St. Catherine's Fort, we love to take the scenic Barrack Road and walk down to the end of Cut Road. Gates fort is a mile east of St. George's Town and is on bus route #3. 
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