Achilles Bay Beach Bermuda

This is a tiny beautiful beach located north east of St. George's town and right next to the St. Catherine Fort. So why this name to the beach? It has a shape of a heel. So somebody correlated this with the Greek mythology and the great warrior Achilles who died from an arrow that was shot at his heels. And hence the name. 
If you visit Fort St. Catherine, you can combine a lunch at Blackbeard's Hideout Restaurant and a visit to the beach. You need to climb down the stairs of the restaurant to Achilles Bay. Not many know about the beach. But you can always imagine what would happen when a cruise ship docks at St. George and everyone is craving for some space in the sun and sand. I would still say that the beach is relatively less crowded compared to some of the other ones nearby like the Tobacco Bay Beach.  
Another reason why you may find the beach not so crowded because it is really small. So it isn't good for sunbathing as there is not enough space for many. But the beach and the bay is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The shallow water stretches for quite some distance into the bay and therefore swimming and snorkeling here is quite safe. There are some rocks in the bay and you can sea different types of fish and colorful marine life there including parrot fish, squids and lot more. 
Achilles Bay Beach Imagery 
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There is a large rock jutting out from the water that has a ladder fitted into it. You will of course need to swim to reach the rock. You can then climb down the ladder under the water to take a look at the sea bottom. The water is quite shallow, so there is really no danger there. 
You can also get beach chairs, umbrellas and floats right on the beach. The views of the bay is simply fantastic. If you visit the beach, time it such a way that you don't miss the sunset. Achilles Bay beach used to be a private beach once, belonging to St. George's Club. But now it's open to public. 


Achilles Bay is located north east of the Town of St. George and is not on a main bus route. You can walk from Kings Square. It will take about 20 minutes, but it's an uphill road. Otherwise take a minibus from the King's Square or a taxi. The beach is right next to St. Catherine's Fort
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Visitors' Reviews andáComments

Lynn B. (December 2018) 
We will visit Bermuda in early summer on an RCL ship and we would like to head to Achilles Bay on day 2 for some swimming and snorkeling (it seems close enough to other beaches if we decide to venture on). What would be the fastest, easiest, and/or cheapest way to get there and back for 2 adults from the cruise port(since we will likely just need that one short round trip as we have plans for day 1). Thank you! 
Raj ( December 2018 
From Royal Naval Dockyard take the Orange ferry to St. George (35 minutes). Then take a minibus to the beach (5-6 minutes). If you don't see the mini bus there, walk down to Kings Square (the main town square, a short walk from the ferry dock). There is a visitors service center there... check the minibus timings. You can board the minibus from Kings Square as well. Alternatively walk down (about 20 minutes) or take a taxi. Tobacco Bay Beach and St. Catherine's Beach are within short walking distance from Achilles Bay.