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UPDATE: Culture Passport has been discontinued.
Not many are aware that you can buy a Culture Passport to explore the culture and heritage at the eastern end of Bermuda which includes St. George and St. Davids. With one passport you can get access to several great attractions including historic British fortifications built in 1600s, museums that showcase the history and culture of Bermuda over the past several centuries, buildings and homes of historical significance, historical churches etc. 
Keep in mind that St. George is the oldest continually inhabited British settlement since 1612 and is now the UNESCO World Heritage Site. So the place is of high historic and cultural significance. On top of it, if you have this Culture Passport, you get access to special tours organized by the participating establishments or places. 
In the following sections I'll describe the places and tours you can access with this passport, how to get the passport, its price etc. Visit the individual links of the attractions for details, open hours and to know public transports etc. 

Attractions Covered by Culture Passport

This is the oldest farmhouse in Bermuda which has retained its original structure over the past several centuries. There is also a museum inside which showcases the St. David's life of the past through exhibits showing whaling, piloting, fishing, boat building, farming and sailing.  
This is the replica of the ship Deliverance located at Ordnance island of St. George. This ship was built by the crew of The Sea Venture to continue their sail to Jamestown (Virginia) and they eventually saved many lives there who were starving without any food. Hear the full story as you board the replica of deliverance. 
Special Tour: Monday and Thursday;  Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm 
Showcases many history and heritage of Bermuda. 
Special Tour: Monday and Thursday ; Tour Time: 10:30 am - 11:15 am  
Know about a typical Bermudian home of 1700s and how life used to be those days. 
Explore the oldest continually used Anglican church in Western Hemisphere. The church also reflects the oldest woodwork in Bermuda. The church was built under the supervision of Bermuda’s first governor Richard Moore in 1615. 
The building was built by a wealthy merchant in 1730s. It is now a museum. Learn about the prominent residents who lived here and the printing press which was set up here. 
Special Tour: Wednesday , Tour Time: 10:00am -2:00pm 
Join the Museum Manager and learn about Bermuda’s role in the US Civil War through the bexhibits of the Rogues and Runners. 
This is one of the oldest forts in the island originally built in 1614 but later rebuilt. It's one of the most impressive fortifications in Bermuda and overlooks the north eastern ocean area. 

Culture Passport - How to get and Price

Price of Culture Passport is $25. You can get it through any Visitors Information Center located at Dockyard, Hamilton or at St. George (Kings Square). Go through Visitors Information Centers to know location and contacts. 
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