Bermuda East
A scenic route through St George

Here is a suggested half day itinerary at the eastern end of Bermuda  - St George. If you love to walk and experience little bit of everything like some beach time, nature, forts, and quietness (very rare to find though in Bermuda), you will thoroughly enjoy your time during this suggested itinerary. 
As you go through the descriptions below, you will see that I have given links to the important places. Follow those links and get more details about the places with some nice pictures. The walk is about couple of miles in Bermuda east, around St George. 
Make as many stops as possible to absorb some of the stunning views and attractions on the way. From the St. George dockyard, start your walk towards Tobacco Bay beach. It is a little uphill walk, but really worth it. About half way is the Unfinished Church. It's quite interesting to walk around this place and take some nice pictures. 
Unfinished Church, Bermuda 
Unfinished Church Bermuda 
Photo: Andrew Malone, flickr, cc by 2.0 
Continue and you will come to a part of the road that gets separated into one-way lanes. As you reach this point, there is no more uphill climb. You will now see the beautiful St. George golf course
Pass through the golf course and you will start seeing Tobacco Bay. Just to let you know, Tobacco Bay is on our list of top 5 beaches in Bermuda. If you start early in the morning, you will have this beautiful snorkeling beach to your own and will be able to move out before it starts getting crowded. 
Tobacco Bay Beach 
Tobacco bay beach Bermuda 
Go past the snack bar and you can climb up the hill to get wonderful water views. Or if you have carried your snorkeling gears, this is a top opportunity to try out snorkeling in Bermuda. The road looks like as if it continues along. But it actually does not and takes you to Coot Pond. It's a cove and a beautiful scenic place. Spend some time here and take pictures. 
Now back off a little down the same road that brought you to Tobacco Bay and make a left, this will be Barry road. Follow it and it will bring you to Fort St. Catherine. You can walk up and take a look from outside or pay admission fee to get inside the fort.  
Continue on Barry road and you will see a cemetery on the right. Most of those buried here died out of a yellow fever epidemic in the 1860s. Keep continuing on Barry Road. You should be able to see cows up on the right. Look all around. This area is picture perfect. Notice how quiet it is with just the sound of the water in the background. As you move further along, you will reach Alexandra Battery and Beach
There is an old fort built by the British in 1800s. Right below the fort, you will find a small beach known as the Alexandra Battery Beach with lots of sea glass. You can stop by and collect some nice sea glasses as souvenirs from Bermuda. Relax here a little and continue on to Gates Fort that sits at Town Cut, which is the route for ships entering St George Bermuda harbor. The site once stopped suspects and enemy boats from entering the harbor. 
Go back out to Barry Road and continue on until it brings you back down into St. George. You have just made a big circle, hopefully a great one. 
For food, easiest is the White Horse Restaurant located right at the Kings Square. If you have time to take a short bus ride, try Swizzle inn located at the adjacent Hamilton parish. This is the oldest pub in the island that has created the well known drink, The Rum Swizzle and essentially serves pub food. You get a wider choice of British and Bermudian cuisine usually in the evenings. 
Check the Map of St George. You can see all the main roads leading to the important places within St George. 
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