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Bermuda Airport: The Background

Bermuda International Airport, known as L.F. Wade International Airport, is located in Kindley Field, St. George's Parish. This is the only airport in Bermuda. 
Bermuda Aiport 
Source: Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport 
The first airport facility at Kindley Field was built between 1941 and 1943. This was done jointly by the US Army Air Force and the British Royal Air Force. At the end of World War II, the British Royal Air Force left Bermuda. The facility by then was hosting civil as well as military aircraft. 
It was then operated by the US Air Force until 1970 after which it was transferred to the US Navy. The Navy operated it as US Naval Air Station until 1995, when it was transferred to the Bermuda Government’s Ministry of Tourism and Transport. 
Heavy taxes were introduced on the airlines and the passengers. But you won't see the taxes. They are all included and hidden in the ticket fare. 
In April 2007, Bermuda International Airport was renamed to L.F. Wade International Airport. The new name was given after late L. Frederick Wade, the former leader of the Progressive Labor Party of Bermuda, in order to honor his contribution to Bermuda. 
Until the beginning of December 2020, the airport terminal was small and simple... the building area was 254,000 square feet, there were no jet bridge or covered aerobridge when you board or get off the aircraft. 
So, when one arrived, one had to climb down the stairs from the aircraft and walk on the tarmac to get to the terminal. Same process had to be followed while departing. So, if it rained as you walked on the tarmac, you would get wet. 
In 1995 the airport authorities attempted to create a moving tunnel to transfer passengers between the aircraft and the terminal. It failed :-) 
In 2017, Bermuda Government appointed the companies Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) to finance, construct and then operate the new airport terminal over a 30-year period. CCC subcontracted the work to its chosen prime partner company Aecon. 
It was expected to take 40 months for the construction work to complete and new terminal getting into operation when the old terminal building would be decommissioned.  
However, due to the Covid Pandemic, there were delays and finally the new modern terminal opened on December 9, 2020. 
The new airport terminal is located right north of the old terminal and has an area of 288,000 square feet. The estimated cost of construction was $267 million. 
Aecon had also set up a special purpose Bermudian company called Skyport to maintain, take up all expenses and operate the airport for 30 years. All types of planes - small or large can land at the Bermuda airport. There are both passenger and cargo terminals. 
The Bermuda Airport handles over 1 million passengers every year. Although the airport originally had three separate runways, only one is in use today. 
The airport is located at St Davids Island in St George's Parish. Once you cross the causeway from mainland of Bermuda, the Kindley Field Road veers right and leads to the airport at a short distance. 
It is located at the eastern end of the island and is about 10 miles away from Hamilton City. It takes about 30 minutes to reach Bermuda Airport from Hamilton City by taxi. 
There are two separate departure areas - one for the US bound passengers (US Departure) and the other for Europe and Canada (known as International Departure).  

Airlines Serving Bermuda

Bermuda Airport offers service to several destinations in Europe, Canada and the U.S., including travel hubs such as London, New York, Miami and Toronto. Some of the main airlines serving Bermuda includes American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Air Canada, WestJet etc. 
Plane at Bermuda Airport 
Source: Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport 
Check out Flights to Bermuda for details. The airport is at its busiest during the high summer season, between June and August, when it handles around 300 arriving flights daily. 
Longtail Aviation Ltd. provides 24/7, on demand, private jet charters worldwide from Bermuda airport. Phone: +1 (441) 293-5971; website: 

Bermuda Airport Amenities

The new Bermuda Airport Terminal has modern amenities and infrastructure, including covered passenger jet bridges (6 of them), improved retail, food and beverage outlets, etc. There are also lounges at the departures. Below are all the amenities in Bermuda Airport: 
Somers Isle Trading Company (Duty Free Shop) 
This is a duty-free store located on the ground floor at the Arrivals, as well as at the International and US Departures. The store at the arrivals mainly offers wine, spirits, tobacco at duty free prices other than gifts and souvenirs. 
Duty Free Store Bermuda Airport 
Source: Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport 
The ones at the departures additionally provide souvenir, beauty products, gift collections, as well as refreshments. The stores at the departures are open from first flight check-in until last flight departure. Email: [email protected] 
Primeclass Lounge 
Primeclass lounge is available at both International and US Departures. The US Departure lounge has a capacity of 66 persons while the one at International Departure can accommodate up to 89 persons. 
One can use the lounge with airline passes, loyalty cards, corporate affiliations, or by buying a lounge pass for $49 per person. Other than a Bacardi inspired bar and a restaurant offering a range of culinary selections, the lounges also offer meeting areas and bathrooms with showers. 
Rock & Barrel Gastrobar 
This full service bar with restaurant is located at the US Departure. The bar offers a range of Island Cocktails, beers, wines and spirits. The food has many island dishes. In breakfast, you can ge choices such as Black Bean and Bacon Breakfast Burrito, American Breakfast with Eggs, Breakfast Potatoes, Choice of Bacon or Sausage and Toast, etc. 
Later in the day, there are starters such as Bermuda Fish Chowder (a thick soup made with ground fish head), Jerk Chicken, Chips and Salsa etc. In main dishes, you get Brunch Burger with bacon, English Cheddar, fried egg, lettuce, tomato, HP sauce etc served with house made chips, Amber Ale Fish and Chips, etc. 
Whistling Frog Rum Bar & Grill 
This is a full-service bar and restaurant located before security and available for all departing passengers. Other than Bermuda-inspired cocktails and a range of beers and spirits, it offers a good selection of Bermuda's signature dishes. 
And such dishes include Bermuda Fish Chowder with Goslings Dark Rum and Sherry Peppers, Wahoo Fish Tacos, Jerk Chicken, and their specialties Whistling Frog House Salad prepared with goat cheese Fuji apples, and grilled chicken breast 
Bermuda Airport Restaurant 
Source: Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport 
The Heron and the Sea Public House 
This is a bar and restaurant located at the International Departure. The Bacardi inspired bar offers a range of spirits, beers, wines and handcrafted cocktails. 
In food you get choices such as Chicken Caesar Salad, Turkey Club Sandwich, Chicken Salad Sandwich etc. It is open seven days a week from 6:30am until the last flight departure. Phone: +1 441 295 0123. Email: [email protected] 
Other Amenities 
There is free Wi-Fi, seats with power points to charge your mobile or other devices, booths to purchase international airline tickets etc. Bermuda airport also has monetary services like ATMs and Currency Exchange booths. 
Bermuda Airport Contact Information 
Bermuda Skyport Corporation Limited 
L.F. Wade International Airport 
2 Kindley Field Road, St. George’s, DD03, Bermuda 
Phone: +1 (441) 444 4400  | Mobile: [email protected] 
Lost and Found: 
Phone: +1 (441) 444 4400 or email [email protected]
Office hours: 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. 
Bermuda Immigration: 
Phone: (441) 293-2542 
Airlines Contact Information (Bermuda): 
Air Canada. (441) 293-1777 
American Airlines. (441) 293-1420 
British Airways. (441) 293-1944 
Delta Air Lines. (800) 221-1212  
JetBlue. (441) 293-3608 
United Airlines. (441) 293-3092 
Westjet. (441) 293-1333 

Airport Ground Transportation

You can get taxis, shuttle service (private or group) and even public buses on arrival. Hamilton City and Paget Parish are located centrally in the Bermuda, while St. George's Town is located at the eastern end, and parishes such as Southampton and Sandys are located in the west. 
Bermuda Airport 
Source: Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport 
A taxi can take about 10-15 minutes to get to a hotel in the eastern end, about 20-30 minutes to a hotel in the central area, and 45 minutes to an hour to a hotel located in the west. 
Outside the arrival lounge, Taxi Service is available to transfer passengers to hotels or any place within the island. There are plenty of taxis, both smaller ones (4-passenger) and 7-passenger vehicles. Below are the approximate taxi fares (4-passenger) from Bermuda Airport to various destinations: 
  • St. George's Town: $17 
  • Hamilton Parish (Grotto Bay Beach Resort): $17 
  • Smiths Parish: $32 
  • Devonshire: $38 
  • Hamilton City: $43 
  • Paget: $44 
  • Warwick: $49 
  • Southampton: $55 
  • Sandys: $69 
  • NOTE: Taxi fares are 25% higher (50% for 7-passenger taxis) between 12am – 6am, and all day on Sundays and public holidays. Luggage at the trunk is an additional $1 per piece. 
    Shuttle Service 
    Several shuttle operators offer transfers between the airport and hotels in the island on per person rates. They offer both private and group transfers. 
    Check out Airport Shuttles and Transfers to know about all the shuttle operators and their offers. 
    Bus #1, 3, 10 and 11 operating between Hamilton and St. George's Town also serve the airport. However the drivers won't allow any luggage. So if you are travelling with a small bag (one that can sit on your lap), you can board the bus. 
    The bus service to the airport is essentially meant for the staffs working at the airport, but passengers can also board if travelling without heavy bags. 
    Both short and long term parking is available at Bermuda's Airport. 
  • Short term parking space for cars is located in front of the new terminal building. You can park for up to 2 hours. Parking charge is $1 per hour. 
  • Long term parking is located on the apron of the old terminal building. There are clear signages. Long term parking fee is $5 per day (or part thereof).. 
  • You can pay using card or cash at convenient pay and display machines, or use the EasyPark device. 
  • Parking for motorbikes and scooters is free of charge. The parking space is located between the arrival and departure halls. In case this parking gets full, there is an overflow parking space located at the eastern end of the airport. 
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