Arriving in Bermuda by Air

Bermuda Airport, now renamed as L.F Wade International airport is located at Kindley Field, St. George's Parish. This is at the eastern end of the island. As you land, the sight of turquoise blue water of the Atlantic will set your mood and the pulse rate for rest of your stay here in the island. 
I was awestruck with the view from the plane when I came to Bermuda first time by air. The Airport is located along the water edge of St David's Island which is part of St. George's parish. 
Landing at Bermuda 
Landing at Bermuda  
So how do you ensure that you are ready to go through all the airport formalities smoothly, have an easy entry into the island and reach your hotel quickly. For that, here are my recommended steps: 

Step-1: Get your documents ready

While in the flight, you should have received the following documents. If not, then collect those before reaching the immigration desk and fill them up. 
1. Bermuda Immigration/Arrival Passenger Forms - one for each adult and child  
2. A Bermuda Customs Declaration Form - one for each family 
Note that, as an alternative, you can fill up an online Visitors Arrival Card in advance and take a printed copy of the document and present it to the Immigration official along with your passport. This is easy and eliminates using the first manual form above. You can find the online arrival card here.  
Once you reach the immigration desks, you will need to present your passport, roundtrip airline tickets, and the above documents (duly filled up). At the Bermuda immigration desk, you will receive a colored Customs card. 
Update December 2012: For the first time, a duty free store has been opened at the Airport Arrivals section in Bermuda. It is located between the immigration and baggage claim areas. Bermuda now joins with over 50 countries including UK that allows duty free shopping at the airport arrival. You can now buy wine, spirits and tobaccos here at duty free prices on arrival. However this is subject to the limit of duty free allowances beyond which duty is applicable. 

Step-2: Collect your luggage and proceed to Customs

Now it's time to claim your baggage. A Customs officer will then take your colored Customs card. They will examine your bags and may ask you to go through the Customs Hall for a baggage check before you exit. Any item above the allowance limit will attract duty on arrival and the duty can be very heavy. 

Step-3: Transportation to your hotel

There are no car rentals available in Bermuda. However many operators offer Airport Shuttle Services for both 1-way and 2-way transfers (you can get both private and well as group or shared shuttles). 
Plenty of taxis are also available at the airport outside arrival lounge. Buses (#1, 3, 10, 11) operating between Hamilton and St. George also service the airport, but they won't allow any heavy luggage. 

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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Raj ( November 2017 
Nadia, Did you board a bus from the airport? Did the driver accept dollar bills? 
Nadia Cheluk (November 2017) 
Yes, we did board a bus from the airport and we did use a $10 bill for the both of us.  When we got to Hamilton, we quickly got off to buy a week pass. We were told that you have to show the bill to the driver and then roll it up to deposit into box.   
George (June 2016) 
Flying into Bermuda- while I see typical fares and what to expect, do they generally accept US dollars and/or credit cards? Or will we need to use an airport ATM to obtain Bermuda dollars? 
Raj ( June 2016 
Taxi drivers will accept US dollars. But they will likely return the change in Bermuda dollars. Credit card facility is not available with most taxis. 
Glenn Batdorf (November 2015) 
We will be arriving on Nov. 20 hopefully. We will be flying standby so cannot make hotel/b and b/guesthouse reservations in advance. What do you advise? Is there a desk at the airport where we can check availability? If we want to use the phone at the airport to call a hotel, how do we do that? Also, is there any way besides taxi to get from the airport to parts of the island? 
Raj ( November 2015 
Hi, there is no desk at the arrival hall or at the airport to check hotel availability. You need to use your mobile phone to make calls. It's a low season, and most hotels should have rooms. Other than taxis, you can make use of shuttle services. There are group shuttles available as well that operate on per person rate and are cheaper than private taxis. There are buses as well servicing the airport and operating between Hamilton and St. George, but you can not board with luggage. 
Ken Highley (August 2015) 
I will be flying a Corporate jet into visit Bermuda next week, and will be there for about 7 hours (1st time there, by the way.) From what I read, our only options for getting from the General Aviation area of the airport to any place to eat is via an expensive taxi, or on the bus system, correct? And that some taxi's MAY take credit cards, but to get any tokens or passes for the bus system will require cash, correct? I am just trying to figure out how much cash to bring for expenses. Thanks in advance! Looking forward to the visit. 
Raj ( August 2015 
Most taxis won't take credit cards. You won't get tokens or passes at the airport. You will need to pay bus fares in exact change. Bus fare in cash will depend on 3-zone ($3.50)  or 14 zone ($5.0) travel one way. If you just want to visit Hamilton and return to the airport, you should get $10 in change. If you however want to get around the island and visit more places, buy a day pass or booklet of tickets at Hamilton bus terminal. 
Virginia McCormac (August 2014) 
Hi, Thank you for the opportunity to get this information. My sisters and I will be arriving separately at the airport on Sept. 4 2014. They have a 3 hour wait before I arrive. The least expensive way for us to get to our Hotel is by cab reservations with the hotel directly from the airport for all four of us. We are staying in Cambridge Beaches. In order for them to have something to do for 3 hours and be back at the airport to meet the cab what would you suggest they do on St David's island that would be an inexpensive cab ride. It is too expensive to go to St Georges town and back again to the airport. Is there a restaurant you can recommend or a tourist attraction. If you can give me about how much such a cab ride would cost, that would also be appreciated. Thank you very much. 
Raj ( August 2014 
Hi, if they arrive during the day time, they can take a cab and visit Clearwater Beach in St Davids. It's about 2.75kms (1.7 miles) from the airport. There is Gombey's Bar and Restaurant on the beach where they can relax. Entrance to Cooper's Island Nature Reserve is also located there. Taxi ride (in a 4-passenger cab) will cost around $11 one way plus tips. Alternatively they can go to Black Horse Tavern, a restaurant serving Bermudian cuisine and a locals favorite. It's on St David's Road and at a shorter distance.