Bermuda Calypso Music

Between 1940s and 50s, Bermuda Calypso, like the other traditional music, became a popular music among the Bermudians. Calypso music actually evolved from rhythms originated in Trinidad and Tobago by the African slaves. At that time, the slaves were not permitted to talk while working, but were allowed to sing. Their songs were a mix of their tribal languages and other languages like Spanish, English or French that their colonizers forced them to learn. 
The Talbot Brothers were the first to bring Calypso music to Bermuda. They were the first major calypsonians of the island. They started part-time in 1941, and by 1947 were playing at the hotels. The Talbots toured the U.S. in 1953, and by 1957 were appearing on television with Ed Sullivan. They composed the title song for the Columbia motion picture "Bermuda Affair". 
The Bermuda Strollers, who are still performing today followed the trend of The Talbot Brothers. The Strollers became very popular to college kids during the 1970ís and 80ís. For their annual appearances at the Jerry Lewis Telethon, the Strollers became popular along the east coast of USA as well. Lately, many other Bermuda Calypsonians achieved success in their careers locally as well as internationally. The famous Trinidadian calypso singer of Bermuda, Norman Luboff always emphasized calypso. His signature song Yellow Bird became very popular in the 1960s. 

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