Bermuda's Music Album
Da Squad Starting Eleven

Bermuda's top singers, musicians, writers and producers have pulled together a collaborative music album called Da Squad Starting Eleven. The whole effort, initiated by Bermuda's leading music producer Shane Woodley, is aimed towards bringing the best of musical talents of the island together in an album. 
So if you love music, this album would be a great collection that will stay with you as a fond musical memory of the island. Producer Shane Woodley was a former employee of Roc A Fella Records. He has worked with music stars like JayZ, Beyonce and Rhianna. He spent eight years living in New York where he worked at Jay-Zís studio as a musical engineer, and in Atlanta with artist and songwriter Ne-Yo. 
He has come back to Bermuda and now using his expertise in music industry to raise the musical talents and professionalism in Bermuda. 
The album Da Squad, released in February 2011, features island's favorites like Troy Anthony and Candace Furbert who have become household names in Bermuda. It also has songs from young upcoming singers like Jelani and Yung Mac. Other artists in the album include Kombat, Cheetah, KD da Beast, Fyah B, E-Levels, BLAC and Big Snipes.  
There are 11 artists featured in the album which has 'starting eleven' as part of its title and the theme correlates to a football team. 
The album is a great mix of reggae, hip hop, rap, dancehall, R&B and gospel. The albumís first solo "Mi A Pray" by Cheetah, released in November 2010, has been regularly aired in Bermuda radio and received many praises overseas. 
Many other known personalities from the music and entertainment industry have come together to support the album. For example, comedians Nadanjah and Jah of 2 Fools have performed as Premier League commentators in the album introducing the players (singers) through humorous interludes. 

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