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Bermuda's National song is "God save the Queen". Bermuda has produced some prolific song writers and music composers over the years. If you particularly look at the span between 1940s - 1980s, there have been several master musicians in Bermuda who have left their creations for generations to cherish.  
There have also been many foreign musicians and lyricists who have created songs about this island paradise. Below are information about some of the best selections of Bermuda songs from both locals and foreign musicians and about books written on Bermuda's music. 
Bermuda Is Another World: Composed and sung originally by Hubert Smith, one of Bermuda's top entertainers during the golden age of Bermuda tourism. Hubert was appointed by the Government of Bermuda to undertake briefing tours in countries like US, UK and Canada to enhance awareness about Bermuda's tourism. In one of such occasions, he created this wonderful song to provide an overall image of Bermuda during his briefing tours. This song went on to become a legend of all times. 
Bermuda: Cynthia Strother of the Bell Sisters wrote this song when she was only 15. She was inspired after seeing a picture of the island in a brochure. The song was later recorded by the Bell Sisters (Cynthia and Kay) in 1951 and it went on to become a super hit in the USA. Millions of copies were sold. 
Bermudian Gal: This song was composed and performed by Giles Spurling of Bermuda (also known as Dudley). The song was a big hit for a long time in 2007 on radio Hott 107.5. 
In Bermuda: Composed and sung by Duane DeMello of Bermuda. It's available on the CD album Duane D in Bermuda and other Bermudaful memories
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Books on Bermuda's Music and Songs

Dale Butler, MP and Bermuda's former Minister of Culture wrote to me about several great books that he had written on Bermuda's Music. His 500 page book Music on the Rock is one of the most comprehensive books on Bermuda's local music. It was updated from his earlier version Jazz on the Rock after several years of effort. 
Some of the other great books and documentaries written by him include: 
My Blue Heaven: This book is about the life story and achievements of Bermuda's one of the greatest trumpet players Ghandi Burgess
Five Profiles in Harmony: The lives of 5 Warwick Musicians 
Chilled and Shaken: This hour long film documentary is about closing of Hubie's Jazz Bar in Bermuda. This Jazz bar ran for decades before it closed down in 2010. "It became the Mecca of jazz" recalls Mr. Butler. This documentary was first filmed in Liberty Theater in Pembroke Bermuda. 

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