Ducking Stool Park Bermuda

This is a nice scenic park with a great view of the north shore. The park is located right opposite to the Black Watch Well in Pembroke Bermuda and just off the north shore road. The park stretches towards east along the shoreline. This is a nice place for picnic. On the Cup Match days in July, you will find many Bermudian families camping here and enjoying themselves. There are nice swimming areas and the kids can dive from the cliffs. 
Ducking Stool Park has been so named because there used to be a ducking stool here that was used during the 17th century to punish those who committed petty crimes. The sinners were made to sit at the end of a log and were ducked into the water. 
A similar such ducking stool was used in St. George at the eastern end of the island. There even today, a replica of a ducking stool is used to enact the history and show to the visitors how such punishments were carried out. In this hilarious demonstration at St. George, a nagging wench is dunked into the water several times. It is done under the instruction of the Town Crier who would be in his full colonial costumes. 
Ducking Stool Park in Pembroke is a great place to watch the cruise ships entering and leaving the Hamilton Harbor. This is also a very popular place for fishing. Many tourists also come here to look for the turtles in the north shore waters. 
During the days when British Navy operated from Bermuda, a barge used to come here to pick up the Governor and his staff from the nearby Government House and take them to the Royal Naval Dockyard located across the sea to the west in Sandys Parish. 
There is a car park here. Toilet facilities are also available in the park. Close to the Ducking Stool Park is the C-Mart shopping store. 
You will find a blue truck - Karen's Lunch Wagon parked at the parking lot of Ducking Stool Park. It sells fast-food like burgers, hot dogs, fish cakes, fries, soda, water etc (Monday through Friday, 11am - 5pm). It offers a nice option to have a mid day meal under the shades of the tree and nice view of the water. Prices are quite reasonable. 

How to reach Ducking Stool Park

It's located just off the North Shore Road and opposite to the Black Watch Well. The park is on Bus route #11. If you have a scooter, take the Marsh Folly Road out from Hamilton City, get to the Black Watch Pass and go all the way to the end where it meets the North Shore Road. 
Road Map 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Susan Strumski McDonald (April 2020) 
My Dad was in the military and was stationed in Bermuda from 1967-1969. I was 10 years old at the time. We lived in a 4 apartment duplex right next to Dunking Stool Park. At the time we were told that witches were dunked there to keep them from causing trouble! 
Seamus O'Leary (June 29, 2012) 
Visited the park today. There are ruins of what may have been the scene of the duckings. There are coral reefs and some nice views of the sea, but the park appears to be a hangout for locals now, and as a result suffers from a fair amount of litter. The locals ignored us, but nevertheless were a bit intimidating. There are no sidewalks on the road, and no shoulders, so you will need a motor conveyance to get there safely.