Black Watch Pass & Well Bermuda

Black Watch Pass was a roadway created in 1934 to solve a major transportation problem in Bermuda's Pembroke parish. There was no easy way to connect to the North Shore Road from the Hamilton City those days. The pass now connects the Marsh Folly and Palmetto roads to the North Shore Road. This dramatic pass was created by cutting through solid limestone rocks. Hundreds of workers were employed and horse drawn wagons engaged to carry out this difficult job. 
It was done during a time when Bermuda was going through severe unemployment problems. So the project had also provided jobs to many locals those days. The pass had to be made by cutting through the steep north shore cliffs. As a result of the excavation work, some 2.5 million cubic feet of limestone rocks had to be removed. All those were dumped into a nearby marsh area which were later used to build a sports facility at the nearby Bernard's Park area. 
Black Watch Pass Bermuda 
Black Watch Pass Bermuda 
As you go through the pass, the awesome views of the soaring hand carved limestone walls on both sides of the pass will make you realize what kind of effort and engineering work was required to do this job. At the end of the pass where it meets the North Shore road, there is a well called the Black Watch Well. The well was named after the Scottish Regiment Black Watch who volunteered to dig this well here during 1849 when Pembroke was hit by a prolonged drought.  
It was done on the order of the then governor to help the poor and their cattle in Pembroke parish. The well was dug through limestone rocks and had an wooden roof. It has now been completely capped with stones for safety reasons and therefore no longer visible. The well used to be one of the prominent tourist spots once. Since the time it has been capped, it has lost its tourism significance. 
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In order to get to the Black Watch Pass, take Cedar Avenue from Hamilton City. Then take the Marsh Folly Road at the traffic light. Black Watch Pass is the second turning on the left. The Black Watch Well is right at the end of the pass where it meets the North Shore Road. 
Check out Bermuda Tourist Map for the location of Black Watch Pass and well 
Bus #11 that operates between Hamilton City and St. George, goes along the pass and by the well. There is a stop close to the Black Watch Well. Update December 2019: Bus #4 from Hamilton will also now go through the Black Watch Pass instead of Langton Hill. 
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