Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke Bermuda

If you are exploring Pembroke in Bermuda, Pitts Bay Road would be great to take a walk or a scenic scooter ride. The road goes along the Hamilton Harbor. Named after Pitts family whose descendants continue to live here, Pitts Bay Road starts from the western end of Hamilton City. This is where the Front Street becomes Pitts Bay Road at the junction with Par-La-Ville Road. 
As you continue towards west, you will pass by large mansions, small beautiful hotels and affluent residential areas. You will first see the massive four story building of the international insurance group called ACE Limited who has their head office now in Bermuda. This is where the old Bermudiana Hotel used to be located. Soon after, you will see the building of Baccardi, the famous liquor house. 
There are many small but excellent hotels on this road. Waterloo House used to be one of our favorite waterfront hotels in Pembroke that has been completely demolished now. You can see the harbor through this property now as you pass by. Hamilton Princess &†Beach Club, one of the top luxury hotels of Bermuda is also located on this Road. 
Imagery: Pitts Bay Road, passing Hamilton Princess 
Other great hotels located on tranquil lanes off Pitts Bay Road are the Rosedon, a lovely old colonial house that once used to be a private house of a British family, a nice guest apartment Rosemont nestled in a quiet garden setting with great view of the harbor, Royal Palms located on a tree lined lane, and a nice old guesthouse Oxford House
As you go further towards west, you will see some of the most affluent housing enclaves of Bermuda like Fairylands, Point Shares and Millís Point, having waterfront homes. Some these houses are centuries old. This is where most of the wealthy merchant families of Bermuda live, and some for many generations. 
Further west at the round about, Pitts Bay Road becomes St. John's Road that continues towards picturesque Spanish point
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