Pembroke Marsh Park Bermuda

Pembroke Marsh Park is a nature reserve and located north of Hamilton City and close to the place where the Black Watch Pass begins near Palmetto road. The grounds of the Pembroke Marsh had been long used for trash dumping through the 1900s. 
The government had taken up a major project to clear up the pollution accumulated in the marshy land over the years and convert it to a parkland. Good progress has been made over the last several years. The Park has a large freshwater marsh, a pond and many different kinds of endemic plantation and shrubs. The Pembroke Canal goes through the park. 
Despite the high pollution level, the Pembroke Marsh Park has been a great place for bird watching. You can see herons, egrets and many other kinds of migratory and nesting water birds here. Once even a Marsh Wren, a rare bird was seen here for the first time in Bermuda. 
Pembroke Marsh Park Bermuda 
Pembroke Marsh Park Bermuda 

Open Hours

The park is open from sunrise to sunset daily. There is no admission fee. 


Pembroke Marsh Park is located at the eastern end of Bernard Park. You can get into the park from the eastern side of Dutton Avenue, off Marsh Folly Road (Palmetto Road). Bus Route: #11 
Road Map 
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