St. John's Church Bermuda

Located in Pembroke parish and outside of Hamilton City, St. John's Anglican Church is one of the oldest parish churches in the island. It was first built in 1625 with wooden structures. Those days it was known as the Spanish Point Church since the Pembroke parish was then known as Spanish Point. 
The church had a thatched roof built with palmetto leaves. It was destroyed by fire caused due to a hurricane and was rebuilt in 1721 and then again in 1821 to accommodate larger congregation. The present stone made church can accommodate about 450 worshippers. 
It is situated in a picturesque settings having its own graveyard on both sides, and surrounded by beautiful old Bermuda cedars, Poinciana and Jacaranda trees. There are graves of many notable persons including that of Bishop Edward Feild who died in 1876 and Bermuda's former Governor Laffan who died in 1882. 
St. John's Church, Bermuda 
St. Johnís Church, Bermuda 
Photo: Peter Burka, CC by-sa 2.0 
Other than the bell tower, one of the main features of St. John's Church is a Pipe Organ which is kept inside. This is used in special concerts these days by renowned visiting organists. 
There are two other smaller churches St. Monicaís and St. Augustineís that are located nearby at the outskirts of Hamilton City and in a local residential area called North Village. St. John's is the mother church of these two churches. 
Nearby attractions include Admiralty House Park (within 1.1 mile). 

Open Hours and†Services

Admission is free. The St. John's church is open daily from 8:30am to 5pm. Sunday service (Holy Communion) starts at 8am. There is also a mid week service on Wednesday at 11am. 

Location and†Contacts

127 St. Johnís Road, Pembroke, Bermuda. 
Phone: (441) 292-5308 
Bus Routes: #4, 10, 11 (all buses originate from Hamilton main bus terminal). Enter through the perimeter gate on Marsh Folly Road opposite to the Tennis Stadium. There is another gate on Langton Hill. Car/Scooter parking is allowed on the grass. 
Road Map 
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Visitors' Reviews and†Comments

Andrew Mead (March 2019) 
I think it was the month of June 1988 that I flew down from Toronto with three others to install the new Casavant organ in St. John's, after removing the older Casavant organ and packing it up for re-installation in Canada. The console was not wasn't a Casavant and a division in the gallery (made by Organ Supplies Ltd of Erie, PA) and installed there in the 70s was left as is. St. John's Old Casavant organ was completely rebuilt and reinstalled in a Church in downtown Toronto by 1991 (I rebuilt and installed it there...a very long story.) 
That month was an adventure and we worked at least 60 hours each week. I wasn't overweight when I started but by the time everything was installed and the other organ packed up for shipping, my clothes were hanging off my body, everyone lost a lot of weight from working so hard in so much heat. Fortunately, I had good accommodation in Hamilton and my room was A.C'd... It was a great place to be absolutely unforgettable. Bermudans are the most fortunate people...their Island is a paradise, it's secure and prosperous. Thank you for providing this forum. 
Blessing John Chelliah (June 2015) 
My wife and I visited St. John's on June 3, 2015 after three decades. We were on a cruise to Bermuda on the 'Norwegian Breakaway.' †In 1985 I was the preacher at the Easter Service at the request of the then Rector Fr. Evan Ratteray. I had applied for the position of asst. curate. We were delighted to meet him this time after he was elevated to the episcopate. We were pleased to learn that St. John's †Church continues to be a vibrant community as it was 30 years ago.  
Patrick Fenlon (February 2013) 
Hello, I have a paper cutting of my wife's grandparents who married in St John's church in approx. 1895. She was a housekeeper for Admiral Erskine and he was a marine. Could you advise me how to get a copy of their marriage certificate. We may visit Bermuda to see the church etc. Thank you 
Raj (, February 2013) 
Hi, You can write to the Registrar General in Bermuda or call them up. Here is the address and phone (no email address): 
Bermuda Registrar General 
Government Administration Building,  
30 Parliament Street, Hamilton HM 12, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 297-7707 / 7709