Bermuda Churches

There are large number of churches in Bermuda. In fact, number of churches in the island per capita is one of the highest in the world. You can't probably walk for more than 500 meters in the island without a sight of a church or a place of worship. Some say that from any place in Bermuda, if you close your eyes and throw a stone in any direction, you will probably hear the sound of shattering stained glasses. 
There are numerous Anglican, Catholic and Protestant Churches (Baptist, Methodist etc.) as well as those offering non-denominational services. If you are a cruise ship visitor and docked at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandys, and looking to visit a nearby church, then churches in Somerset would be nearest by bus. You can also reach Hamilton City easily by ferry which takes about 20 minutes. 
St Peter's (Anglican) Church, St. George, Bermuda 
St Peters Church Bermuda 
Photo: JoeyBagODonuts, cc by sa 3.0 
While Catholic and Anglican churches are dominant, Methodism in Bermuda took its first roots in 1748 when the Methodist preacher George Whitefield visited the island. However Methodism picked up momentum after the Methodist preacher John Stephenson arrived in Bermuda in 1799. 
He was later jailed on the grounds that he did not have the required permission to preach. However that did not deter Stephenson and he continued to preach the Gospel through the bars of his cell to all blacks who gathered outside. 

Historic Churches in Bermuda

There are some churches that are historic and significant from tourism perspective. If you are a tourist, here are some of the best churches to visit in Bermuda, many of them are of great historic significance. 
Believed to be the oldest Anglican church in the Western hemisphere this church is stunning in its simplicity with its rough-hewn pillars, exposed cedar beams and candlelit chandeliers. The church is located at St George. There are separate graveyards in the church premises for blacks and whites. 
This Anglican church (also known as Bermuda Cathedral) was designed based on neo Gothic architecture. It's located in the capital city of Hamilton. From the top of its tower, you get a spectacular view of Hamilton city and surrounding parishes. 
Located in Southampton Parish, this Anglican church is one of the oldest parish churches in Bermuda. It was originally built in early 1600s by the first settlers and later replaced by a new church in 1717. 
Located in Hamilton Parish overlooking the Harrington Sound water area, this Anglican Church is one of the oldest churches in western hemisphere. Some parts of the building like the nave dates back to 1660-1670. Earlier, it was known as the Hamilton Parish Church. There is a graveyard and also gardens with roses and palm trees. 
This is the smallest church in Bermuda which was built in early 1600s. The nondenominational chapel is located in Sandys parish amidst lush greenery covering over 44 acres of parkland area. 
Located at Warwick parish, this is the oldest Methodist building in Bermuda that still exists. It was built by the free blacks and the slaves in 1827 to have a place of worship of their own. They worked mostly during their free time at night to complete the construction. The church is part of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail of Bermuda that captures the legacy of slavery in the island. 
One of the most beautiful Anglican churches in Bermuda with an oceanic settings, it is located on Somerset road of Sandy's Parish Bermuda. 
Although the work was started in 1870s, due to parish infighting and lack of funds, the construction of this church was never completed. 
St. Mark's Anglican Church located in Smiths Parish is a great example of Gothic designs. The cornerstone of the church was laid in 1847. 
The Church located in Devonshire Bermuda is popular for candlelit weddings. The church was first constructed in 1624 and had to be restored several times. 
Located in Paget Bermuda, this is an Anglican church built in 1796 and replaced another church. It has a graveyard. 
Built in 1620s, this Anglican church in Bermuda is one of the oldest parish churches in the island. It's located just outside of Hamilton City in a picturesque setting with its own graveyard. 
This Catholic church located in Hamilton City was built in 1932 to replace a smaller church and now boasts of the largest weekly attendance in the island. 
This is the oldest Presbyterian church in western hemisphere and dates back to 1719. In 2001, it became part of Church of Scotland. Sunday morning services are at 8am and 11am. This beautiful church with its large graveyard is located on Middle Road opposite to Belmont Hills Golf Course, Warwick. 
Christ Church, Devonshire Bermuda 
Located on Middle Road, this Anglican church was once the house of the Rector of Devonshire Parish, Rev. Keith Harman in 1949. He was also a great photographer. The Queen was so impressed with his pictures that the house was extended to have studios in the upper floor. There is a graveyard in the church premises. 106, Middle Road, Devonshire Parish, Bermuda. Phone: 441/ 236-3671 
St. Mary's Anglican Church, Warwick 
Located off Middle Road, this is one of the old and historic Anglican churches in the parish. It has its own nice graveyard. The cemetery has one Commonwealth burial from World War-I and one from second World War. 2, St. Mary's Road, Warwick. Phone: (441) 236-2304. Bus route #8 (operates between Hamilton and Dockyard). 

Roman Catholic Churches in Bermuda

Stella Maris Parish Church 
Stella Maris Parish Church 
Photo: James Willamor, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 
Here are all the catholic churches in the island (located in six different parishes): 
  • St. Theresa's Cathedral in Pembroke, 13 Elliott Street (at Cedar Avenue) 
  • Stella Maris Parish Church in St. George's, Duke of Clarence Road; 
  • It has a small gift shop inside (known as 'Marine Centre'). 
    Sunday Mass: 9:00am; Saturday Evening: 5:00pm; Daily: Monday through Friday: 9am 
  • St. Patrick's Church in Smith's Parish. 23 South Road. Email: Phone: 441/236-9866; 
  • Sunday Mass: 9am and 11am; Saturday Evening: 6:00pm; Daily: Monday through Friday 8am 
  • St. Michael's Church in Paget. 51 South Shore Road in Paget West.  
  • Sunday Mass: 8:30am and 11:00am; Saturday Evening: 5:45pm; Daily: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:00am, Thursday evening: 7:00pm. Email: [email protected] 
  • St. Anthony's Church in Warwick, Middle Road. This small little blue colored church with an arched entrance is located almost at the western end of Warwick on the left of the road and just before Burnt House Hill Road. Bus #8. Email: [email protected]; Sunday Mass: 11:15am; Saturday Evening: 5:30pm 
  • St. Joseph's Church in Somerset (this is the Catholic church nearest to the Dockyard where cruise ships dock). 43, Main Road, Somerset, Sandys Parish. Bus #7 or 8 operating between Dockyard and Hamilton (takes about 10 minutes). Sunday Mass:9:30am. Email: [email protected]; Phone: (441)234-2321  

    Anglican Churches

    Bermuda Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Hamilton 
    Bermuda Cathedral Hamilton 
  • The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. Church Street, Hamilton. Phone: (441) 292-4033 
  • St. Peterís. 33 York Street, St. George. Phone: (441) 297-2459  
  • Chapel of Ease. Chapel of Ease Road, St. Davidís. Phone: (441) 297-0216 
  • Christ Church Devonshire. 106 Middle Road, Devonshire. Phone: (441)236-3671 
  • Holy Trinity. Trinity Church Road, Hamilton Parish. Phone: (441) 293-1710 
  • St. Anneís. Corner of Church and South Shore Road, Southampton. Phone: (441) 238-1864 
  • St. James. Main Road, Somerset. Phone: (441) 234-0834 
  • St. Johnís. 127 St. Johns Road, Pembroke. Phone: (441) 292-5308 
  • St. Markís. 53 South Shore Road, Smithís. Phone: (441) 236-3052 
  • St. Maryís. 2 St. Maryís Road, Warwick. Phone: 236-5744 
  • St. Monicaís. 12 St. Monicaís Road, Pembroke. Phone: (441) 292-3337 
  • St. Paulís. 69 Middle Road, Paget. Phone: (441) 236-5880 

    Methodist churches in Bermuda

  • Emmanuel Methodist Church: Located at 1 Cedar Hurst Place, Southampton. 
  • Phone: (441) 238-1945; Email: [email protected]; Sunday service at 10am. 
  • Wesley Methodist Church: 41 Church Street, Hamilton City. 
  • Phone: (441) 292-0418; Email: [email protected] 
    Sunday School 10:30am; Sunday Service at 11am 
  • Ebenezer Methodist Church: 7 York Street, St. Georgeís. 
  • Phone: (441) 297-1771; Email: [email protected] 
    Sunday School 11am; Sunday Service at 11am. Contemporary Worship Service every first and third Saturday of every month at 7pm. Prayer Night every Friday at 7pm. 
  • Cobbs Hill Methodist Church: The oldest Methodist church in Bermuda built by blacks and†slaves under moonlight. 
  • Grace Methodist. North Shore Road, Pembroke. Phone: (441) 292-6525 
  • Somerset Methodist. Main Road, Somerset. Phone: (441) 234-1796 

    Seventh-Day Adventists (SDA) Churches

  • Devonshire SDA. Roberts Avenue, Devonshire. Phone: 292-1578 
  • Hamilton SDA. King Street, Hamilton. Phone: 292-4276 
  • Midland Heights SDA. North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish. Phone: 293-0557 
  • Pembroke SDA. Glebe Road, Pembroke. Phone: 292-5895 
  • Southampton SDA. Middle Road, Southampton. Phone: 238-1080 
  • Somerset SDA. Beacon Street, Sandyís. Phone: 234-2979 
  • St. Davidís SDA. Building 11, South Side, St. Davidís. Phone: 293-5747 
  • St. Georgeís SDA. 3 Secretary Road, St. Georgeís. Phone: 297-1434 
  • Warwick SDA. South Shore Road, Warwick. Phone: 236-2813 

    A.M.E (African Methodist Episcopal) Churches

    There are 11 AME Churches in Bermuda. AME was the first independent Protestant denomination church founded by the blacks and it mostly belongs to African-American Methodist denomination. 
  • St. Paul AMEC Bermuda. The church was built in 1870 and was formally affiliated to AME church in 1885. Hours: 9am - 4:45pm (Monday to Thursday), 9.15am - 4:45pm (Friday), Closed on Saturdays and†Sundays. Services begin at 10:55am in Sundays. 59 Court Street, Hamilton, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 292-0505; Email: [email protected] 
  • Vernon Temple AMEC. 6 Hawthorn Lane, Southampton. Email: [email protected]; Phone: (441) 238 1178 
  • Bethel AME Church - Shelly Bay. 60 North Shore Road, The Flatts Village, Smiths. Phone: (441) 293-0605 
  • Mount Zion AME Church. Sunday Morning Worship: 10:00am. Wednesday Evening Bible Study: 7:30pm-8:30pm. #2 Mount Zion Lane, Whale Bay Road, Southampton, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 238-0284 
  • Bright Temple AME Church. Spring Hill, Warwick, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 236-0364 
  • Allen Temple AME Church. Sound View Road, Somerset, Sandys, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 234-0433 
  • Heard Chapel AME Church. 42 Glebe Road, Pembroke, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 292-3949. Email: [email protected] 
  • St. Philip A.M.E. Church. 100, Harrington Sound Road, Smith's, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 293-0882 
  • St Luke AME Church. Founded in 1887. 13 Lighthouse Hill, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 297-1564 

    Salvation Army

    St. George's Corps (Salvation Army International) is a Protestant denomination of the Christian Church. It holds Sunday Service at 11am. Bible Study takes place on Tuesdays (8am) and Thursdays (10.30am). Other activities includes, Mondays: Prime time at 4pm, YP Band at 5.30pm, Home League at 7.30pm, Tuesdays: Chat and Chew at 10:10am. 
    Salvation Army (St. George's Corps), Bermuda 
    Salvation Army Bermuda 
    Photo: James Willamor, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 
    Phone: 1 (441) 297 0267 
    Address: 6 Governors Alley, St. Georges, Bermuda 

    Non-Denominational Churches

  • Bermuda International Christian Fellowship. 72 Roberts Avenue, Devonshire. Phone: 292-3568 
  • Church of God and Saints of Christ. Phone: 238-0841 
  • Cornerstone Bible Fellowship. 82 Church Street East, Hamilton. Phone: 295-9640 
  • The New Evangelical Tabernacle. 13 Clarendon Road, Smithís. Phone: 292-8839 
  • New Covenant Faith Center (Gilbert Institute School) 
  • St. Michaelís Road, Paget. Phone: 295-0325 
  • Open Door Christian Assembly. 88 Harrington Sound Road, Smithís. Phone: 293-3900 
  • Radnor Road Christian Fellowship. 69 North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish. Phone: 293-4041 
  • Touch Through Me Ministries. 7 Malabar Road, Sandyís. Phone: 234-2770 
  • Open Door Christian Assembly. 88 Harrington Sound Road 

    Churches of Christ

  • Central Church of Christ. Suite 600, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton. Phone: 236-2864 
  • Church of Christ. Brighton Hill Road, Devonshire. Phone: 236-2745 
  • Church of Christ. Devon Lane, 21 Roberts Avenue, Devonshire. Phone: 297-3505 
  • Church of Christ West End. 6 Georgeís Bay Road, Sandyís. Phone: 234-2972 

    Churches of God

  • First Church of God. 75 Sound View Road, Somerset. Phone: 234-0973 
  • First Church of God. 31 Angle Street, Hamilton. Phone: 292-2300 
  • First Church of God. 1 First Church Lane, North Shore Road, Pembroke East. Phone: 295-6080 

    Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses

    Here are the locations and phone numbers of Kingdom Halls in Bermuda for Jehovah's Witnesses. 
  • Hamilton City: 441/292-7653 
  • St. George's: 441/297-0895 
  • Devonshire: 441/292-7653 
  • Somerset Lower (Sandys Parish): 441/234-0746 
  • Somerset Upper (Sandys Parish): 441/238-9434 
  • Heron Bay: 441/238-2073 
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    Visitors' Reviews and†Comments

    Joanne Webster (September 2017) 
    Hello, I love reading about the many different churches and a bit of their history. †Thank you for sharing! I'm interested to know if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have any presence on the island. I would love to attend meetings there on my planned vacation there. † 
    Appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you! 
    Raj (, September 2017) 
    Hi, yes there is a church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Bermuda. It is located on Wilkinson Avenue in Hamilton parish and right next to Crystal Caves entrance (15 Wilkinson Avenue, Hamilton Parish. Phone: 441 293 8597). You can reach by bus #1 or #3 from Hamilton City or St. George (will take about 30 minutes from either location) and get off at at Crystal Caves bus stop. It's a small church ... a pink building with white limestone gabled roof, and the entrance is right on the road. You can see the church from the road itself. Sacrament Meeting is at 10:30am, Priesthood relief Society at 12:40pm and Sunday School at 11:50am. Visitors are welcome. 
    Bob Ierardi (September 2013) 
    We will be docking at Kings Wharf on Sunday 10-13-2013 @11:00AM. We are trying to locate the nearest Catholic Church and to see if they have any services that would fit into this schedule? Thanks 
    Raj (, September 2013) 
    Hi, The Catholic church closest to Kings Wharf (dockyard) is St. Joseph's Church (43 Main Road, Somerset, Sandys, Bermuda. Phone: 441/234-2321). You can take bus #7 or #8 from the dockyard and get close to the church in few minutes. Sunday mass is at 9:30am, so you won't be able to join that on your day of arrival. 
    Another option is to take a ferry from the dockyard ferry dock and reach Hamilton (20 minutes) and then walk down to St Theresa's Cathedral which is also a Catholic church (13 Elliot Street, Hamilton, Bermuda. Phone: 441/292-0607). From Hamilton Ferry Terminal, it takes about 10-12 minutes walk to the church. Sunday mass times are 8:30am, 10am (Portuguese), 11:30am (youth mass), and 6pm. Saturday at 6:30pm. Daily masses are at 7am (Tuesday - Friday). 
    Nancy Kapanka (August 2013) 
    Years ago we found a small Scottish(?) church in Bermuda, at least the minister spoke with a very heavy Scottish accent. It was a short scooter ride from Astwood Cove, if that helps at all. We would love to try to find the church again when we return in Sept. My husband is not 80 and after more than 20+ visits to this lovely island I think this may be our last visit to Bermuda, and I want to try to fill our 9 days with as many good memories as possible. I was happy to read that Crystal Caves is open once again. Thank you for any help you can offer. 
    Raj (, August 2013) 
    Hi, It should be the Christ Church in Warwick parish which is a congregation of the Presbyterian church of Scotland. Astwood cove is located nearby in the same parish. Address: #96 Middle Road, Warwick (on bus route #8 that runs between dockyard and Hamilton). The church is located across Bellmont Hills Golf Course. They arrange for a return transport after the 11am service. 
    Melanie (July 2013) 
    I am planning a trip to Bermuda. Is there a Unitarian Universalist Church? Or anything similar? Warm regards. 
    Raj (, July 2013) 
    Hi, Unfortunately there is no Unitarian Universalist church in Bermuda, at least none to my knowledge. 
    Elizabeth Sherry (June 2013) 
    Hi, I can't find any information on catholic church in Warwick. I have details of St. Theresa's Cathedral in Hamilton city. I will be staying in Warwick and would like a church within walking or short bus ride. Thank you. 
    Raj (, June 2013) 
    Hi, You can visit St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church in Warwick. Here are the details: 
    Address: 26 Middle Road, Warwick, WK-03, Bermuda. Bus Route: #8 
    Phone: (441) 238 1784; Email: [email protected] 
    Pastor: Father Joseph Scollard, CR 
    Sunday mass at 7:45am and 11:15am; Saturday Mass at 5:30pm; †Daily mass (Tuesday through Friday) at 7:45am,  
    Cecil C. Kroening (June 2013) 
    I am hoping you can tell me how to contact all of the Catholic Churches in Bermuda to see where my nephew Robert Forest Shanks was baptized as my sister-in-law cannot remember and her husband was stationed in Bermuda at the time. Any and all help would be appreciated as I am the Family Genealogist and would like to obtain a copy of when my nephew was baptized for the family record books. Thanking you in advance for your help 
    Raj (, June 2013) 
    Hi, You will get location wise main Catholic churches in Bermuda in the link below (you will get contact phone nos. for most but may not be email address) 
    For a more exhaustive list check out this link: 
    Gene Dobbins (February 2013) 
    We will be docking at the Heritage Wharf in May on a Sunday and was wondering what the closest Catholic Church would be and what time are the services? Thanks for any info. Thanks for a great website.... Gene 
    Raj (, February 2013) 
    Hello, St. Joseph's Church in Somerset (Sandys) is a Catholic church closest to the dockyard where Kings Wharf and†Heritage wharf piers are located. Barely few minutes by bus or taxi. Sunday mass is held at 9:30am. 43 Main Road Somerset, Sandys, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 234-2321 / 238-1784. Email: [email protected]
    Just for your information... This is now the oldest existing Catholic church in Bermuda. The Crawley family donated land, material and money in 1928 to build this small Gothic church. The later structural additions haven't followed the gothic designs though. 
    Anita Bertuzzi MCC 
    I will be sailing to Bermuda for a three day stay and would like to find a catholic church possibly in walking distance from the Hamilton cruise terminal. I appreciate any information you can give me. thanks and blessings, 
    Raj ( 
    Here are the Catholic churches in Hamilton City: 
    2) Diocese of Hamilton, P.O. Box HM 1191, Hamilton, HMEX BM