Bermuda Cathedral

Located in the heart of Hamilton City, Bermuda Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity is an Anglican church. The church went through several re-constructions and renovations in the past. 
The present structure has been designed by the Scottish architect William Hay of Edinburgh based on neo Gothic or Victorian architecture. 
Bermuda Cathedral 
Photo: Brendan Purdy, flickr, cc by 2.0 
While the main body of the church is made of Bermuda limestone, many carved stones around the windows, arches, gables and cornices are Caen stones and were imported from Normandy, France. 
You can see magnificent stained glass windows, arches, warrior chapel and carved altar screens. Perhaps the most dramatic area in the church is the wall behind the alter, where there are sculptures depicting Christ and many saints. 
The saints are the ones after who the various churches in Bermuda have been named like St. Paul, St. George, St. Andrew, etc. 
Stained glass at Bermuda Cathedral 
Photo: Brendan Purdy, flickr, cc by 2.0 
The first cornerstone for the church was laid in 1844. However, the construction got delayed for various reasons. An arsonist destroyed the church in 1884 by lighting it with fire. It caused the construction to start all over again. 
Finally work started in 1886, completed in 1905 and consecrated in 1911. There are daily services held in the church and visitors are welcome. 
Nave, Bermuda Cathedral 
Bermuda Cathedral 
Photo: Malcom Manners, flickr, cc by 2.0 
If you can, climb the 155 stairs and reach the top of 143-foot tower. There are couple of spacious landings to take breaks. 
The panoramic view of Hamilton city and the nearby parishes are spectacular from here. If you look towards north, you will see Bermuda's North Shore. 
Organ, Bermuda Cathedral 
Bermuda Cathedral 
Photo: Malcom Manners, flickr, cc by 2.0 
To the west you will see the City Hall, the Great Sound water area and even the Royal Naval Dockyard at a distance towards west. Towards east you will see the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. And to the south of the Cathedral is Hamilton City's Front Street

Open Hours

Admission to the Cathedral is free. It's open from 8a.m to 5p.m daily. However there is a $3 admission fee for getting on top of the tower. 
The tower is open from Monday through Friday between 10a.m to 3:30pm. 
Cathedral Imagery 
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Location and Contacts

Church Street, Hamilton City, Bermuda. Phone: 441/ 292 4033. 
Check out Bermuda Tourist Map to view the location and nearby attractions. 
While coming from Royal Naval Dockyard, best is to take the direct blue route ferry to Hamilton (20 minutes) and then walk down to the cathedral. 
From the Hamilton Ferry or Bus Terminal, the church is about 550 meters away, so you can walk down easily. When you come out of Hamilton Ferry, turn right on Front Street, take Cedar Avenue across the street, then turn right on Church street. 
Road Map 

Nearby Attractions and Eateries

There are plenty of tourist attractions around the cathedral including sites of historic importance, parks and gardens, museums, monuments, fort etc. City Hall & Arts Center is only a 4 minute walk. 
Go through Hamilton Attractions to know about all tourist sites around. 
There are plethora of restaurants, cafe and bars within easy walk from the Cathedral... Devil's Isle Cafe, La Trattoria, Barracuda Grill, Lobster Pot are to name a few. There is also a KFC nearby. 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Sandra (May 2016) 
Holy Trinity Church was absolutely stunning. My husband and I renewed our vows there 13 years ago. We are so excited to be going back to Bermuda to celebrate a friend's birthday this summer. Just looking at the photo of the church brought back the beauty of that day and the unsurpassed views from the doors of the church. Can't wait to see Bermuda again! 
Jean Klug (June 2013) 
I am coming back to Bermuda in October on a cruise. I was planning on going into Hamilton one day to do some shopping and sight seeing. I will take the ferry from the dockyard over to Hamilton. I wanted to know how far the Bermuda Cathedral is from the ferry drop off? Is it with in walking distance or will I have to get some form of transportation such as a taxi? Thank you, Jean 
Raj ( June 2013 
Hi, Bermuda Cathedral is on Church street and within walking distance from the Hamilton Ferry terminal (about 500 meters). Once you come out of the Ferry Terminal, turn right on Front Street, then left on Burnaby Street and then right on Church Street. You will see the Cathedral on the left.