Old Devonshire Church Bermuda

As the name suggests, this is a very old church. The original church was built in the year 1624 and was surrounded by palm trees. It was a true reflection of original Bermudian architecture. However in 1715, the church was completely destroyed by hurricane. It was reconstructed as a replica of the original one in 1716. 
In 1970, the church was burnt down completely by an arsonist. Later it was restored again retaining its original design and form. The church, made of limestone and wood is really small and looks like a cottage. As you see the interior, you will realize that ship construction skill of those days were used to construct the church. This suggests that workers who were in ship construction industry were also engaged in buildings churches. 
Inside the altar screen is made of cedar with impressions of hearts and lilies symbolizing love and purity. The pulpit and the pews are also made of cedar. There are silver items inside that date back to the year 1590 and said to have been recovered from the original church. 
Old Devonshire Church, Bermuda 
Old Devonshire Church 
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There is a graveyard outside. Old Devonshire Church with its excellent ambience with cedars and roses around is a popular venue for candlelit weddings. There is no admission fee. On Sundays the Holy Communion is held at 8.00am, and Matins and Sermons are held at 11.00 am. 

Location and Contacts

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Address: 106 Middle Road, Devonshire, Bermuda. The church is located on Middle road at the junction where it meets is the Brighton Hill Road. 
Phone: 441/236-3671 (Office Hours: 10am - 2pm, Monday - Friday) 
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