Deep Bay Beach Bermuda

If you are a visitor, you may not notice this nice little beach on the north shore of Bermuda. Deep Bay is not publicized like the many other popular beaches in the island. Another reason why many miss out on this beach is because it does not have a marked entry. 
In fact the entry to this beach is through a mere opening in a wall. The beach is located at the bottom of a high cliff and there is steep flight of stairs cut through the cliff that takes you down to Deep Bay. 
You get more beach during the low tide. In high tide, the beach practically disappears. During the summer months, you will find many local residents enjoying a swim here. The water is quite warm and excellent for swimming. Deep Bay is also a popular rock climbing area in Bermuda with steep rocks rising from shallow waters. 
Deep Bay Bermuda 
Deep Bay Bermuda 
Years back when tourist boats used to come to the Deep Bay, the local boys used to dive for the coins that were thrown into the water. It used to be fun and entertainment for the tourists. Deep Bay is also a great place to watch the cruise ships pass by. You can clearly see ships entering or leaving the Hamilton Harbor to the east and the dockyard to the west. 
The beach is open from morning till sunset all days of the week, and there is no admission fee. 

How to reach Deep Bay?

Deep Bay is located east of Admiralty House Park and on the North Shore Road. Bus #4 from Hamilton City has a stop nearby. Another nice beach, the Clarence Cove is close by and to the west of Deep Bay, and on the same bus route. 
Road Map 
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Visitors' Reviews &Comments

Jody Morris (Aug 2012) 
Deep Bay is just around the cliff from Clarence Cove. The general area is known as Admiralty House in Spanish Point. I grew up about a mile East on the shore. When I was in my tweens and teens, 1970s to the early 1980s, we would dive off the cliffs for tourist boats. The tourists would throw coins in the water and we would dive off and swim down and collect the change. My Mom would get so embarrassed because to her it looked like we were beggars. We were just young kids showing off.