Pig's Field Park Bermuda

Located at Pembroke parish in Bermuda, this green park spreads across some 96,000 square feet of land area. It has gone through a major makeover in 2009. It has now been fenced up and is now a multi-purpose sports field with new playground equipment. 
This makeover has been done as part of the Community Areas Program. There is now a new walking track as well and a multi-purpose recreational building. The park is great for toddlers as well as children of all ages. There is a resurfaced basketball court. A new car parking area has also been created. 
Update April 11, 2021: A devastating fire blazed the Pig's Field Park last night. The playground equipment were completely engulfed in flames and destroyed in the fire. Although being investigated, the cause of the fire is not yet known. It took two trucks and 6 fire fighters to extinguish the fire. Children living along the Bandroom Lane where the park is located, were some of the onlookers. 

Open Hours

The park is open from sunrise to sunset daily. There is no admission fee. 


Pig's Field Park is located on Bandroom Lane, in Pembroke Bermuda. 

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