Butterfield Nature Reserve Bermuda

Butterfield Nature Reserve is located in the affluent Point Shares. If you go towards extreme west of Pembroke Parish, you will reach the picturesque Point Shares peninsula where you will find waterfront homes of many rich families. 
One such rich man and a philanthropist Dudley Butterfield donated this Reserve to the Bermuda National Trust who now own and manage the property. The reserve was later named after him. 
Located by the hillside, Butterfield Nature Reserve is a thick forest of Bermuda Palmettos and also dotted by rare endemic Bermuda sedge. Bermuda Palmettos are the only palm species that are native to the island, the other types have been introduced from outside. 
They can grow up to a height of 10.5 meters and have attractive bright yellow patch around the stalk in the middle of the leaf. The palmettos produce fragrant small yellowish white flowers in the spring. 
Bermuda Sedges, which are rare and nearly extinct plants, look like grasses. They can grow up to a height of about 1.5 to 2 meters, and are about 5 cm wide. They too flower during the spring 
There is a trail that go around the forest, and if you are a nature lover, you can experience the amazing native plantation at the reserve. There is another reserve nearby called Butterfield Nature Reserve South and also donated by the same man. Here you will find agricultural field of banana trees and thicket of palms. 
There is no admission fee. The reserve is open to visitors from sunrise to sunset. 

Location and Contacts

Point Shares Road, Pembroke, Bermuda 
Phone (Bermuda National Trust): (441) 236-6483 
From the Miles Market grocery store in Pembroke, it's a short walk up the Pitt's Bay Road. Take a taxi or a bus (#4). You can plan a light lunch (like soup, snacks etc) at the Miles Market Cafe and then walk up to the reserve. 
Road Map 

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