Abbott's Cliff Park Bermuda

This is a lovely park area located in Hamilton Parish and on top of Abbott's cliff. It is also known as the Abbot's Head. The park located at the northern side of Harrington Sound covers an area of about 18 acres and separated into two parts. From the ground level when you look up, you will see a green patch of land. 
There is an unmarked trail that goes through subtropical forests, banana patches and rises all the way up to the cliff top. Although the trail is quite steep, the Harrington Sound water views along the way are magnificent. Today this entire area is under Bermuda's National Parks and Natures Reserves. As you walk along the trail, you will see varieties of unspoiled plantations. 
This is one of those rare areas in the island that still gives a feel of how Bermuda was centuries back. On top, there are couple of vantage points giving spectacular views of Harrington Sound and the surrounding areas. However there is no easy way to climb down to the waters. You can easily see St. David's Lighthouse from the top. 
View from Abbott's Cliff Park Bermuda 
Abbott’s Cliff Park Bermuda 

How to reach Abbott's Cliff Park

Abbotts Cliff Park is located in Hamilton Parish. You can access the trail from Abbott's Cliff Drive and Abbott's Crescent. There is a bus stop at the bottom of Abbott's Cliff Drive. 
You can take bus #1, 3, 10 or 11 that are coming from Hamilton City or St. George. 
Road Map 
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