Palm Island Bermuda

A wonderful way to enjoy Bermuda's scenic treasures is by taking a boat ride in Ely's harbor. This picturesque harbor is located at the Sandy's Parish next to Somerset Bridge. As you go around the harbor, you will not only see beautiful homes along its edges, you will also find this fascinating Palm Island. It's a tiny islet full of palm trees and other plantation. 
The Palm Island is managed by Bermuda National Trust. It covers only about 1 acre of land area and is a nature reserve with various species of birds and wild animals. It's a habitat for native Bermuda skink, a small lizard which is unique to Bermuda. There is another island called the Morgan's Island just next to Palm Island. Both the islands were donated to the Trust in 1983 by Ingersoll family.  
Palm Island is open to visitors during the day time, however you cannot camp there. There is no admission fee. Morgan's Island however is a restricted area and not open to the visitors, unless special permission is taken from the Trust. 


Ely's Harbor, Sandy's Parish, Bermuda. 
You can reach the island by boat. Buses #7 and 8 (operating between Dockyard and Hamilton) come up to Somerset Bridge from where you can get Boat Rentals
Contact Bermuda National Trust for more information: (441) 236-6483 

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