Cockroach Islands Nature Reserve Bermuda

Strange name to this nature reserve in Bermuda, but has no correlation with roaches. You will hardly find any roaches in this island. It is also known as the Cockroach Rock. It is still a mystery how this name has been given to this small but romantic nature reserve of Bermuda. 
The reserve is managed by the Bermuda Audubon Society (an NGO) who has taken the island on lease for 10 years. Actually it is not a single island, but a collection of 10 tiny islands. The main island or the rock is about 0.068 Ha in size (1 Ha or Hectare is about 2.4 acres). With all the other 9 islets, the total size is 0.088 Ha. So you can imagine how small the islets are. 
Cockroach Island 
Cockroach Island Bermuda 
Source: Bermuda Audubon Society 
The Cockroach island is located in Hamilton Parish and at the northern end of the Harrington Sound. But unlike the usual formations of island where a mass of land comes up from the bottom of the ocean due to volcanic eruption or ocean floor movement, the Cockroach Island and the islets were formed differently. They were actually huge pieces of rocks that fell down from the surrounding cliff due to bio erosion. All these large pieces of rocks came down and landed below the Abotts cliff and on the sandy shallows in a picturesque manner. This had happened hundreds of years back. 
Away from the roads and habitation, and tucked into the northern cliffs of the Harrington Sound, the islands provides a serene and romantic setup for those who love to watch birds and plantation. You will see lots of white tailed tropic birds known as Bermuda Longtails. The islands also sit on rich and colorful marine life. The society is working on removing all the invasive species of vegetation and are planting indigenous plants in the islands. 

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