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Located in Bermuda's Paget parish and at a convenient distance from Hamilton City, The Birdsey Studio was opened by Alfred Birdsey, who went on to become an artist of international repute. Alfred had passed away in the year 1996. His daughter Jo Birdsey Linberg has carried on the tradition. 
The studio is setup in a garden setting in his family home Rosecote since 1968. There was a time when Alfred used to hang his paintings from a clothesline. 
Alfred Birdsey specialized in impressionistic paintings of Bermuda's landscapes, harbors, back streets, boats and many such subjects. Many have collected his paintings for the purpose of meditation. 
He used to be a very friendly person and always liked chatting with visitors, often offering them tea. Alfred's original paintings have been reprinted and are available in the studio in form of note cards. 
Birdsey Studio is set up in the back garden 
His daughter Jo too will make you feel at home. She is herself a self established artist. Her paintings focus on nautical themes, breezy landscapes and even animals. 
Her love for life and Bermuda are evident in her paintings. She is a scholar in Latin, a musician and a mother. The studio is located at the home's back garden. 
A Painting of Alfred Birdsey 
Jo's paintings have been exhibited in New York and collections made in many parts of the world including UK, Scandinavia and European countries. The watercolors cost from $80 and oil paintings in the range of $400 - $900. 

Open Hours

Open on weekdays between 10:30 am to 1pm. Appointment is preferred. 

Location and Contacts

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The Birdsey Studio 
Rosecote, 5 Stowe Hill, Paget Parish, Bermuda. 
Phone: 441/236-6658, 441/236-5845; Email: [email protected]. Bus route: #8 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Frank Gatchell (February 2022) 
I know this is 'back in time'? but my mother and I visited Birdsey's studio in spring 1971. We purchased two watercolors. He gave us a lithograph of fish with the eyes painted in. (I'm looking at it right now! I love it!) I was beginning to have an interest in pottery at the time. We had a fantastic talk about art in general (my mother was not too hot on my pursuits) and I think it gave her the OK for me to proceed.  I never made a lot of money, but I'm still at it in many ways, clay, wood, etc! Thank you Alfred Birdsey!! 
My husband and I were sighting Bermuda when a taxi driver took us to a visit we will never forget!  We stopped in front of a lovely cottage. There was a string tied to several bells along the front walkway. It was so idyllic and quaint!  And when Mr. Birdsey opened the door, he was nothing but hospitable and sweet. He made us tea as we sat in the front room of the house. We spoke and shared art stories for well over an hour. We bought one painting and he gave us another.  
I remember hugging him dearly as we left. I am sitting and looking at one of the mattes pieces from him. The other is in the other room. They are watercolors that he had rolled into scrolls in another room. (Can you believe that!). We gave him more than he asked for the one piece. We folded the bills so he wouldn't know. He would not hear of any more than his asking price.  
I will never forget the string with the bells, the ambiance or his genuine sweetness!  I feel honored to have 2 of his originals in my home! My marriage didn't last but I got the paintings and they will live on through myself and then our daughter. Thank you, Mr. Birdsay!  God bless you in heaven above!