Bermuda Art and Craft

Bermuda has exceptional talents when it comes to its traditional art and craft. Many artists create fabulous watercolor images on various themes, particularly the bright harbor scenes, beautiful landscapes and elegant details of architecture are unique to the island. 
Below are the main art centers and galleries where you will find great collections of paintings, photographs, pictures, drawings, pottery, sculptures and many other artwork and memorabilia. 

Art Galleries, Studios and the Artists

Run by Masterworks Foundation, the galleries exhibit over 1200 great collection of artwork from renowned Bermudian, European and American artists who have been inspired by Bermuda. The Art Museum is located in paget parish at the Botanical Gardens premises. 
Located at the Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda Arts Center exhibits and sells wide range of artwork including paintings, sculptures, jewelry, pottery, prints etc and has several resident artists. 
Located in the Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandy's parish, the craft market has one of the largest collections of local art and handcraft items including banana lead dolls, needlework, cedar items, candles, ornaments, ceramics and lot more. 
The gallery has a fantastic collection of Bermudian and international artwork. It is located in the upper floor of Bermuda City Hall, 17 Church Street, Hamilton City. 
Bermuda Society of Arts (BSoA) is the oldest arts society in Bermuda having formed in 1952. This is the center point of art scene in the island and exhibits great artwork collections from Bermuda based artists. It is also located in Hamilton City inside the City Hall. 
Here you can watch flame-work artists, lamp workers and bead makers at work and creating the beautiful glassware items. There are exquisite pieces and some sell at reasonable prices. It is located at the Kings Wharf Dockyard. Click the link for more information. 
Located a the Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandy's parish, the gallery has an onsite studio where the artists create unique pieces of earthen and pottery items. There is a wide range of items of brilliant colors including tableware, jewelry and house plaques. They also have a retail gallery. 
Located in Paget parish, this studio once belonged to the world renowned artist Alfred Birdsey. It is now run by her daughter Jo, who has also impressed many international collectors with her great watercolor landscapes of Bermuda and other paintings
(located at St. George Bermuda, on 1 Bridge Street)  
They host a vast range of work and represent over 25 artists. The Bridge House was originally built in the 1690s as a home for the colony governors. It is now an art gallery that mainly specializes in Bermudian antiques, crafts, and artwork.  
This individual is an internationally famous Bermudian sculptor. His work can be seen all over the island. The impression of Sir George Somers at Ordnance Island in St. George’s is his most noted work. He also accepts commissions to produce beautiful life-sized models and smaller pieces. 
He has a gallery at 69 Front Street, Hamilton city. If you are interested in bronze sculptures, you will not like to miss this gallery. Update: Desmond Fountain has closed down his gallery at The Emporium on Front Street. He has opened a new gallery at the Elbow Beach Hotel in Paget Parish. 
She is one of the most renowned artists in Bermuda specializing in watercolor paintings themed on landscapes, scenery and various aspects of Bermuda's beauty. She has her outlets in several places in the island, the main one being in Hamilton City. 
This painter and sculptor was the first Bermudian whose work was purchased by the Bermuda National Gallery as part of its permanent collections. The Hall of History is a spectacular wall mural that he created after 7000 hours of painting and research. It covers an area of 1000 sq. ft. depicting life in Bermuda over the last 5 centuries. 
Crisson & Hind Gallery 
Located on Front Street in Hamilton City, this fine art gallery is unique and specializes in lifelike sculptures that are hand carved from hard stones by Master Shona Fine Artists of Zimbabwe. It's virtually a world of African art. There are some 30 artists who make exquisite carvings from some 10 types of semi-precious stones that are only found in Zimbabwe.  
Many of the artists work exclusively for this gallery. You will get sculptures of tribal chiefs, elaborately braided women, group of giraffes, antelopes and lot more. The prices of the items here would be much cheaper than what you may find in US, UK and Canada. They also insure, pack and ship the items. Original work of art is duty free when imported into US, UK or Canada. Address: 71 Front Street, Hamilton City. 2nd Floor of Crisson Building. Ph:441/295-1117. 
Sharon Wilson is a well known artist in Bermuda specializing in pastel painting. Her art gallery is located in Southampton parish. 
Ronnie Chameau 
An artist who works with watercolor, clay, and dried grass, creates a range of beautiful art. She makes hand crafted dolls from banana and palm leaves, and has unique collection of miniature dolls in her several doll houses. One of her dollhouses is a replica of Verdmont, a national museum in Smith’s Parish. Ronnie was presented the "The Bermuda Gold Award" in 2001 for her handcrafted souvenirs. She is one of the artists of Bermuda Art Center
Michael Swan Studio & Art Gallery 
Michael has been a renowned painter in Bermuda for over the last three decades. His paintings are simple but very expressive. People say that the shadows that he creates and the clouds that he draws are specifically very appealing. He loves to paint during night time when there is no one to divert his attention. Even if he is not there, there will be a staff in his outlet explaining and selling his creative artwork. The gallery is located at Butterfield Place, Front Street, Hamilton. Phone: 441/296-5650. 
The Little Gallery 
Born in England, Diana Higginbotham first came to Bermuda in 1984 and has been painting ever since. Her work is themed mostly on Bermuda's picturesque landscapes, flora, fauna and architecture. She has been running her art shop The Little Gallery for over 17 years. 
She has a nice collection of work, prints from her oils and watercolors, giclees and originals which she sells from her tiny shop. The stock also includes the popular Mini Bermuda collection and a selection of 40+ charming little scenes of Bermuda. There is also a collection of Graham Foster's prints. 
The shop is now located at Spinnakers, 99 Front Street, Hamilton, after moving from Old Cellar Lane (Front Street) where it was located since 1994! The shop is open Monday-Friday (April-October) between 10am-5pm, Wednesdays until 8pm. They also participate in Harbor Nights.  
Their stall for harbor nights is still located outside Old Cellar Lane.  
Phone (April-October): 441/295-1606; Email: [email protected] 
Windjammer Gallery 
Located on King Street in Hamilton City, it has a comprehensive selection from local artists. The gallery mainly exhibits paintings and bronze sculptures by both local and international artists. It also has a great collection of cards, prints and limited editions. 

Bermuda Art Festivals

Bermuda celebrates several annual and periodic art festivals in the island showcasing the talents of local artists of all types and drawing large number of islanders as well as tourists watching the amazing artworks. 
Runs for several days with international and local performances that includes plays, choirs, dances, instruments, jazz, creative music and more. 
Walk around the lanes of St. George and experience demonstration of talents from local artists of all forms. Display includes paintings, ceramics, weaving, cedar crafting, live performances and more. 
Local and international sand artists create amazing sand sculptures in Horseshoe Bay Beach. This is a competition and various category awards are given away. 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Grace Douglass (August 2018) 
Hello. We are revisiting Bermuda and I would like to bring back one of the wall plaques that I saw on the outside of many of the homes. Where might I purchase one of these beautiful Bermuda longtail wall plaques? 
Raj ( August 2018 
You can get different designs of wall plaques at Jon Faulkner Gallery at Royal Naval Dockyard (cruise port). 
John Schneider (October 2013) 
Hi! Just got back from a week in Bermuda, 5th visit! I wonder if you could give me a name and little history of the folks in the boat, Front St. sidewalk at HSBC (Bank of Bermuda) Building. Thanks, really appreciate any help... All the best, 
Public Sculpture @ HSBC Bermuda, Photo by John Schneider 
Raj ( October 2013 
Hi, This Bronze sculpture was created by Bermudian sculptor and artist Bill Ming. It's titled "Against da tide" signifying when time gets tough, people who realize they are on the same boat pull together. For further info, write to Bill Ming: [email protected] 
I have a watercolor that I purchased while in Bermuda many years ago that is signed by C. Holding and also is signed in pencil "C. Holding '89". It is handwritten "Waterlot, Southampton, Bermuda". Is this an original? What would it be worth today? I've always loved it and it's framed beautifully.  I will appreciate a reply! 
Raj ( 
It is very difficult to comment about a painting without having seen it. Sounds like you purchased a painting of Carole Holding. She is a renowned artist of Bermuda who specialized in watercolor paintings. If you like to know more about her, you can check out the following link: Carole Holding. Her email address is [email protected]
You can directly write to her and ask her about it. She knows me and has been in communications with me in recent times. Try to send her a scanned picture of the painting as an attachment so that she understands which painting you are talking about. However I don't think it would be appropriate to ask her about the current worth of the painting. Regards,