Bermuda Society of Arts

Bermuda Society of Arts (BSoA) is located inside the City Hall of Hamilton City. As you go up the magnificent cedar stairs, you will find it on the western wing. Bermuda Society of Arts is a non-profit organization and associated with government of Bermuda. 
It is the oldest arts society in the island which was formed in 1952. It was then known as Society of Artists in Bermuda and comprised of 25 members out of which some were artists. 
The artwork from the member artists were so powerful that it soon started attracting large number of viewers. Many such original artwork adorned the walls of Camden (The official residence of the Premier), Bermuda National Gallery, Masterworks Foundation etc. In 1956 the society was restructured and established under the act of the Parliament with its current name. Bermuda Society of Arts is now the central point of Bermuda's local arts scene. 
It exhibits massive collections of artwork mostly from local artists and college students. There are art work from expatriate or resident foreign artists as well. From a mere 25 member society when it was born, it has now grown its membership to over 400, and more than half of them are artists.  
There are two exhibition halls in the site. The artwork and the themes change every 2-3 weeks. However most of the themes include paintings on Bermuda picturesque landscapes, architecture and seascapes. You can buy the paintings and artwork and they will pack it for you so that you can transport it by flight or cruise. The society also conducts regular classes (like Life Drawing Sessions) and also workshops conducted by eminent artists. 

Gallery Open Hours

Monday – Friday : 10am – 4pm; Saturdays : 10am –2pm 
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. Admission is free. 

Location and Contacts

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Bermuda Society of Arts is located in the upper floor of City Hall on the Western side. From dockyard you can reach by bus #7 or 8, or alternatively take the direct ferry to Hamilton City. 
Address: 17 Church Street, Hamilton City, Bermuda. Phone: 441/292-3824. Email: [email protected] 
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