Bermuda National Gallery

Located in central Hamilton on Church street, Bermuda National Gallery is housed in City Hall. From the ground floor of City Hall, take the magnificent cedar stairs to go to the upper floor where you will find the Bermuda National Gallery. 
It was opened in 1992 to promote awareness and appreciation of Bermudian and World visual art. Today, it is home to a superb collection of national and international artwork. 
The permanent art collections in the gallery include: 
1) The Watlington Collection: This includes masterpieces from Europian artists like Gainsborough, Reynolds and Murillo. 
2) African Collection: African masks and sculptures 
3) Contemporary Collection: international artwork of 20th and 21st century 
4) Photography Collections: Black and white photographs by Bermudian artist Richard Saunders 
5) Print Collection: Collection showing powerful images of African-American life. 
Bermuda National Gallery (in City Hall) 
Bermuda City Hall 
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You should also not miss the Ondaatje Wing where the artworks from Bermuda collection shows Bermuda’s history and depicts the Island’s rich multicultural heritage. 
There is a guided tour ($5 per person) offered by Bermuda National Gallery every Thursday from 10am to 10:30am. The tour explores the power of art exhibition as well as topical issues like activism and environment protection through art.  
Three temporary exhibitions as well as special events are held here every year. And every two years, The Bacardi Limited Biennial holds contemporary Bermuda art exhibition with international jury. 
The Bermuda National Gallery also runs a year-long program of educational and social events including lectures by leading local and international artists, seminars, workshops, film nights, jazz nights, dinner parties and receptions. It also hosts free lunchtime lectures on Wednesdays (12:30–1:30 p.m.) delivered by Bermudian historians and artists. 
It's a nonprofit institution funded by public and private donations and money raised from memberships and events.  

Admission and Open Hours

Admission is free. But there is a plan to introduce an entry fee. 
Open from 10a.m.– 4p.m. (Monday - Friday),  
10a.m.– 2p.m. (Saturday). It's closed on Sundays and public holidays. 

Location and Contacts

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It is located in the upper floor of Bermuda City Hall on the Eastern side.  
Address: 17 Church Street, Hamilton City, Bermuda. 
Phone: 441/295 9428; Email: [email protected] 
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