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Sharon Wilson is one of the stellar artists of Bermuda specializing in pastel art on canvas and focussing on capturing the human spirit. Her gallery, known as the Sharon Wilson Art Gallery, is located in Southampton parish and only two minutes walking distance from the Horseshoe Bay Beach. 
Out of all her arts that I have seen, I noticed that many of them are around children and their expressions. I really love the way she has captured live expressions of school students. 
Sharon completed her graduation from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and have been specializing in pastel paintings since many years. Recently, she has also started painting with molten wax which is a 3,000 years old art. Other than her own gallery in Southampton, her paintings are also on display at the Bermuda National Gallery in Hamilton City. There are now prints available on sale which are far more affordable than the original paintings.  
Sharon has been recognized by Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II with a Certificate and Badge of Honor in recognition of her contribution to the Arts in Bermuda. She also runs an art school in Bermuda known as Sharon Wilson School of Art. Sharon's daughter Whitney lives and works with her. 

Location and Contacts

Sharon Wilson Art Gallery 
2 Turtle Place, Southampton, Bermuda 
Phone: 441/238-2583 (You can call her up to take an appointment or to know the current open hours of the gallery). 

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