Palmetto House Bermuda

Located in Devonshire and built around the year 1700, Palmetto House is one of the greatest examples of a true Bermudian architecture. During World War II, it used to be the clubhouse of the British army who were stationed in a nearby fort. The property is owned by Bermuda National Trust and is given on lease for private use to families who would respect and admire the historic value of the property. 
Over the years, many families have taken this property on lease and stayed here. Wing Commander Mo Ware and his wife stayed here for over 40 years. He was the former director of civil aviation. The property once kept on display his own small private airplane. 
Palmetto House, Bermuda 
Palmetto House Bermuda 
Bermuda National Trust has spent over a million dollar to renovate and restore the house to its original state. Most of it has been repaired and not replaced. They have kept most of the original beams. The roof and even the floors and windows were repaired and brought back to the original form. 
There is a grand staircase with "Welcoming Arms" at the entry of the house. This 2,050 square-foot property with great views of the north shore has the following features: 
  • It has a cruciform architecture 
  • Spacious living room with exposed wooden beams and fireplace 
  • Master suite with a fire place and a master bath with double sinks and toll top tub 
  • Two bedrooms sharing a bath on the second level 
  • Fantastic kitchen with a private courtyard 
  • Attractive gardens 
  • Separate guest cottage 
  • 2010 lease was around $10,000 a month. 


    Palmetto House is located on the North Shore Road in Devonshire parish. Since the house is privately leased, public access is limited but not fully restricted. 
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    Mary Sawyers (September 2013) 
    I lived at Palmetto House in the 1950's when my father was prison governor in Bermuda. How interesting to see the photo.