Cabinet Building, Bermuda

Located south of the Sessions House, this is where the Bermuda Cabinet of ministers and top officials meet on every Wednesday. The cabinet sessions are held during the time when the House of Assembly sessions are also ongoing between November and June. 
This two storied elegant building was constructed in 1841. In 1968, it became the office of Bermuda's Premier who runs the Bermuda Government. When the cabinet session is on, you will see a lot of flashy cars that belong to the ministers parked outside. The Cabinet building is open to visitors from Monday through Friday (except Tuesday) from 9a.m to 5p.m. There is no admission fee. 
Bermuda Cabinet House 
Bermuda Cabinet 
Photo: James Willamor, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 
Inside you will see large portraits of past Premiers and Senate Presidents. There is also a large oil painting of William Herbert, the third Earl of Pembroke. Pembroke parish was named after him. There is also a cedar chair that was built for Governor Josias Forster in 1642. The parliament sessions were held in St. George during those days. 
Update: A New War Memorial has been set up in the Cabinet office grounds. It has names of nearly 3000 Bermuda's war veterans who served the country during first and second World Wars. 

Location and Contacts

105 Front Street, Hamilton City, Bermuda. Phone 441/292-5501 
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