Devil's Hole Aquarium Bermuda

UPDATE 2013: Devil's Hole Complex has closed down.
Located in Smith's Parish and being one of the oldest tourist attractions in Bermuda, Devils Hole Aquarium has been drawing tourists since 1834. It's actually a collapsed cave, having formed a natural sweet water aquarium or a blue hole. You can see wide variety of sea-life including Jacks, Angel Fishes, moray eels and huge green turtles. You can watch them waiting to be fed. 
You can use a rope with food tied at its end (but no fish hook) and lower it to feed the marine creatures in the Blue Hole. I remember once the turtle had held the food and the rope-end so firmly that I could even lift it out of the water for a while and it still didn't release the bait. It was really very heavy though. Incidentally the name "Devil's Hole" derives from the eerie sound of the sea water entering and leaving the hole, and the locals called it moaning of the devils. The sea water that enters through the channels and caverns keep the water here quite fresh. 
This Aquarium was actually created by a businessman named Trott in 1830. In order to stop the locals from fishing in the water area here, he built a wall around it. That led to suspicion among people who started asking questions about what was happening inside. So Trott later opened it to the public. However being an astute businessman, he charged an admission fee. 
A Gift Shop here sells souvenir items. There is a restaurant called Angel Wings Café within the complex. It offers breakfast, lunch and snacks as well as wine and beer. In breakfast you get full English Breakfast, sandwiches, pancakes, eggs made to order, breads and pastries, tea and coffee. The lunch menu includes appetizers like chicken wings, fish nuggets etc, salads, soups, fish cakes, burgers, sandwiches, pizza etc. 
Aquarium Specials include grilled fish or chicken, tenderloin steaks, fish and chips and more. They also offer Pasta and even Chinese and Indian dishes. The menu also has Kids items. The upper deck of the restaurant has lovely view of Harrington Sound water area. The restaurant has a total seating capacity of 75 persons (including inside dining at lower floor and open upper deck). 

Nearby places of interest

There are several places in the vicinity of Devils Hole Aquarium. John Smith's Bay Beach is only two minutes away by bus. 
If you are planning to visit Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, or the Crystal Caves, then you can also plan a visit to Devil's Hole Aquarium on the way. 
From Devil's Hole, it's possible to take a road to the Flatts village and to North Shore road.  
However, you can also go to the South Road in the direction of Tucker's Town that has two great golf courses. By the way, Tucker's Town is not actually a town but a collection of exclusive communities and luxury resorts set in hills and sheltered coastal bays. 

Admission and Open Hours

The admission fee at Devil's Hole Aquarium is $10 for adult and $5 for children under 12. Bermuda senior citizens also get a discounted entry fee of $5. The complex is open everyday between 9:30am to 4:30pm. There are tours every half hour. The first tour starts at 10am and the last one at 4pm. 

Location and Contacts

92 Harrington Sound Road, Smith's Parish, Bermuda.  
Just beyond John Smiths bay, there is a left turn leading to Devil's Hole Aquarium, at the southern tip of Harrington Sound Road. Bus routes: #1, 3 (operating between Hamilton and St George's Town). 
Phone: (441) 293-2072; Email: [email protected] 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Michael Murray (June 2023) 
Raj,  Just found your site while looking up to see if the Devil's Hole attraction is still operating in Bermuda. As a boy we lived in Bermuda and I vividly recall then how you could buy a ticket and the man tied raw meat on a stout cord and handed it to you. You would lower the meat, No hook, down into the scary dark water and one of the live fish or crabs or what not would grab onto the meat and the kids would lift their live prey out of the water until they let go and fell back in. It made such an impression on me that I included a version of that in a fictional movie script I wrote.