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A comprehensive travel and health insurance in Bermuda can save you from what otherwise can be an unanticipated bomb-shell expense. Yes that's true. Bermuda health and other medical expenses are very high and are far higher than in USA. Recent studies have shown that medical cost in Bermuda is second highest in the world. 
No visitors including even the British or US nationals are automatically covered in Bermuda for any health expenses. Even the British national health laws do not apply here. Bermuda does not have any reciprocal health related insurance arrangements with any country whatsoever. 
Unlike many other countries, Bermuda does not have National Health Services or any free clinic or medical services. Check out Bermuda Medical Centers to know about all the hospitals, clinics and other medical centers in the island and the services they offer. 
Also read Bermuda Health &Safety to avoid any health related risks in Bermuda. 

Making a short visit to Bermuda?

If you are planning a short visit to Bermuda on Business or vacation, try to take adequate travel and health insurance coverage before coming to Bermuda. If you are planning to rent a scooter in Bermuda, you are likely to be asked for a proper travel &health insurance. Because it's quite risky riding a scooter in the island unless you are used to left hand drive and also to the kind of traffic Bermuda has. 
Also remember that the hotels, apartments and guesthouses will take heavy cancellation charges even if you show proof of sudden illness or some other unavoidable reasons. A travel insurance comes very handy in such cases as well. 
In case of emergencies, you can contact the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital located in Paget Parish. This is the only large critical care hospital in the island. 
There is a committee called the Overseas Family Help Committee of the Hospital Auxiliary organization in Bermuda. The Committee has only two rooms available to house families at the hospital. The charge is US$35 per person per day. But, it may be very difficult or even impossible to get such accommodation when you really need it. Here is their telephone number in case you need to contact: (441) 236-2488. 
There is no inoculation or special health precautions necessary while travelling to Bermuda. 

Relocating to Bermuda?

If you are moving to Bermuda with a job, your employer must cover you under a health insurance plan as per the employment law in Bermuda. However, in such cases the health insurance would be done with a local Bermudian insurance company and not with any multinational insurer. This is also a government norm. 
Also, employers offer different plans and schemes, and may even recover part of the insurance premiums from your salary. You should try to negotiate to cover yourself comprehensively and include even the major medical expenses as part of the plan. By law, your employer should cover you and your family under a Health Insurance Plan (HIP). 
Employers offer different plans and they usually cover only the basic medical services in the first year. And sometimes they will recover a part of the insurance premium from your salary. You should negotiate and ensure that you &your family are covered comprehensively from day-1 including major and critical medical cases plus dental expenses. 
In Bermuda you will be insured through one of the local Bermudian insurance company and not by a multinational insurer of your choice. 
By Government regulation, a foreign or multinational company can not take up local buisness. The local insurers are Argus Group, BF&M Insurance Group, Colonial Insurance Company, Kitson Benefit Services and British American Insurance Company. The first three being the largest. 
Dental treatment call for separate rates in insurance. There is an acute shortage of qualified dentists and dental surgeons in Bermuda. In general the waiting time for a local Bermudian is 6 to 9 months to get an appointment for a treatment like filling, scaling or extraction. 
So you should get all your dental checks and treatment done before coming to Bermuda. There is a good dental agency called Bermuda Dental Association that represents over 30 qualified private dentists. However they too run out of capacity. 
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Viewers' Reviews &Comments

Cristiano Colucci (January 2018) 
Hi, can you please advise what the average annual spend on healthcare per a person (my wife) and a child would be? Thanks a million. 
Raj ( January 2018 
Hi, the annual health insurance premium in Bermuda would be around $430 for adult and $190 for child below 18.