Do you need a passport to visit Bermuda?

The short answer is, YES. Bermuda is an independent country and travel from any other country to Bermuda means an international travel, and just like any other international travel, you will require a valid passport to visit Bermuda. Here are the specific passport requirements you must fulfill: 
  • All nationals other than the nationals of the US, UK and Canada will require a passport valid for minimum 45 days from the expected date of departure from Bermuda. 
  • The restriction of 45 days validity does not apply to the nationals of the US, UK and Canada... they can travel with a passport as long as it remains valid until their date of departure from Bermuda. 
  • The passport must have minimum one empty page which will get stamped by Bermuda's Department of Immigration marking the dates of arrival and departure. However, Bermuda's Department of Immigration recommends more unused pages than one. 
    In addition to a passport, you will need the following travel documents in order to visit Bermuda: 
  • A valid return/onward air ticket (if you are traveling by air) or cruise reservation showing that you have your return/next destination already booked in your itinerary. 
  • If you are not a national of the US, UK or Canada, you must have a multiple-entry transit visa to one of these three countries through which you are transiting to Bermuda, and this transit visa must be valid for minimum 45 days from the date of your departure from Bermuda. This requirement of transit visa does not apply for the nationals of the US, UK and Canada. 

    Passport Exception

    While all foreign nationals must carry valid passports for entry into Bermuda irrespective of cruise or air travel, there is an exception for the US citizens as mentioned below. 
    For the US citizens on a closed loop cruise (i.e. direct round trip cruise to Bermuda starting and ending at the same port in the US), the valid documents include 1) a Passport, or 2) a Passport Card, or 3) a combination of Proof of Citizenship and US Government issued Photo ID. The Proof of Citizenship can be original state certified US Berth Certificate, original certificate of US Citizenship etc. However do check with your cruise line for any specific requirements. 


    While the US citizens on a closed loop cruise can travel to Bermuda with a US Passport Card or by using Proof of Citizenship and Photo ID, note that it is strongly recommended that one uses a regular Passport Book for such international travel, because a Passport Card or the other alternative documents are not accepted in air travel. And for some emergency or other reasons, if you need to travel back to the US by air, you will not be able to do so without a Passport Book. 
    Without a proper passport, you will be asked by the cruise line to sign a waiver to acknowledge that you will not have the option to fly back to the USA, even in emergency. 
    Go through this USA Government Website in order to apply for your passport or renew one, and avoid using alternative documents even if you are in a closed loop cruise to Bermuda. 
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