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Update: Effective August 1, 2020, the maximum length of stay for visitors has been extended from 90 days to 180 days. A longer stay will require an application to Department of Immigration citing reasons for such requirement and necessary documentation. Refer to Visitors Stay Guidelines for details. 

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Is there a restriction on how long a Canadian tourist can stay in Bermuda? My mother would like to spend the winters there so is hoping to stay 3 to 4 months. Does that require any special approval or visa? 
Linda (April, 2010) 
Bermuda tourist visas are usually valid for a maximum stay of 21 days in the island. This is irrespective of visitor's nationality. Even in the case of a relative or a friend visiting an expat working in Bermuda, the same rule applies unless one is the spouse or a child. Longer stays will need to be authorized by the Department of Immigration. If you want to extend your stay, you will need to take an appointment and meet up with an inspector of the Immigration Department at their head office in Bermuda.  
On a valid request, they generally allow extension of stay up to 8 weeks. On special cases, they do extend for more than 8 weeks as well. But beyond 3 months there is an additional fee applicable. The maximum limit or length of stay that may be granted for tourists or visitors is six months. 
Check out Bermuda Travel Documents to know about passport, visa and other requirements for visiting Bermuda. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) April 2010 
I am an American married for 48 years to a Bermuda national (she has never changed her citizenship) and I would like to stay in Bermuda from June until September. Neither of us will be seeking employment as we are retired. 
Lorenzo B. Hardy (January 2012) 
Hi, Normally for tourists the maximum stay allowed is 21 days. Since your spouse is a Bermuda National, in my view there is certainly a case for exception. However, there are likely to be some questions asked by the department of immigration for example where will you stay for the four months? Do you have a home there? How will you finance your stay? etc etc. I would therefore suggest that you contact the Bermuda Department of Immigration and get the clarifications. Here are all the contacts you need: 
Department of Immigration 
Government Administration Building 
30 Parliament Street, Hamilton HM12 
Mailing Address: 
P.O. Box HM 1364, Hamilton HMFX, Bermuda 
Phone: 441-295-5151 Ext. 1378 
Immigration Hotline: 441-296-5202 
Fax: 441-295-4115 
Email (Personal Services Manager): [email protected] 
Email (Chief Immigration Officer): [email protected] 
Immigration Office Opening Hours: 8:30am to 5:00pm (Local time). 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) January 2012 
First I would like to say your website is amazing! It has been most helpful. I have a question about the length of stay allowed in Bermuda. In one of your post you said, "For returning visitors, the stay duration is added up every time one revisits the island, and then is restricted to a total of 6 months." 
How is the six months calculated? Is it six months in a calendar year? How does this work exactly? I am asking this question because I would like to come to Bermuda for a vacation stay two months in 2013 and then travel elsewhere. I have the opportunity to come back to Bermuda in 2014 and stay a few more months would I be allowed to? Thank you for any help and insights. 
Haleigh (September 2013) 
Hi Haleigh, 
In the current context, I shall need to update my earlier statement. Presently, the normal limit of stay in Bermuda is 3 months for all visitors. A longer stay will require an application for extension and approval from the department of immigration. Presently visitors are allowed to stay in the island for a maximum of 6 months (with extension).  
Depending on nationality, the modalities may be different. For example Americans or the British nationals do not require a tourist visa for Bermuda. As long as one has a valid passport, one can enter Bermuda as a tourist any time and stay continuously for 3 months (or maximum for 6 months with approved extension). One can then leave and come back again. If it is too frequent, there will be questions asked though (some have misused this option to work in Bermuda as a visitor, and without having a business visa). 
But if you are a national of a visa controlled country, then a multi-entry visa is issued usually for three months (which can be extended to maximum of six months). In that case you can leave and re-enter Bermuda any number of times within the visa validity period only. Since all re-entries are possible within the visa validity period, one can not exceed more than 6 months stay in the island anyway. After the visa expires, one has to get a new visa. 
Hope this clarifies. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) September 2013 
I am wanting to live with my Bermudian partner temporarily next year. I hold and Australian and UK passport. I understand that length of stay is 3 months, what are the requirements to extend this to 6? I do not intend on working, I will be dependent on my partner. 
Amy Elmer (November 2014) 
The initial stay allowed for a tourist is 3 months. Well before the visa expires, you need to make an application to Bermuda's Department of Immigration siting good enough reasons for seeking extension. I suggest you write to the Chief Immigration Officer of Bermuda and get further clarity on the cases where such extensions are granted. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) November 2014 
Hi there, 
I just want to make sure I understand the rules correctly. I am allowed to stay up to three months in Bermuda correct? How long would have to stay in the US before I am allowed to come back? Will I be able to stay another three months each time I visit or will I be restricted? Thanks a million! 
Ebony King (April 2015) 
A tourist usually gets up to 3 months stay permit in Bermuda (extendible subject to applications and approval by Immigration Department), but the rule is silent about how often you can come back. It doesn't talk about the minimum period of stay required in your home country or the US before you can return to Bermuda. Since no separate Bermuda entry visa is required these days for any national, you may be subject to questioning by Bermuda customs authority on arrival to justify frequent returns as a tourist. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) April 2015 
My question is my best friend is from Bermuda, we went back in 1985 in school in California. We have been friends since then. I have been to ur beautiful island plenty of times to visit her. My mom passed 3yrs ago this Feb and she invited me to come visit for a while and I was there for 3wks around cup match. Now I want to come back next June and how long would I be able to stay on ur island? I am on disability so I no longer work. But I would appreciate if someone would answer this question for me please. I would like to come like The end of June. And return home maybe after labor day if possible. 
Alicia (October 2015) 
You need to come as a tourist. The initial period of stay allowed is 3 months. However you can apply to Immigration later for an extension of another 3 months. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) October 2015 
Please let me know how many days (21 or 90 ?) a tourist ( European/Italian) is allowed to stay in Bermuda? Thanks. 
Castello (March 2017) 
Up to 90 days, but can be extended with due approval from immigration authorities. There has to be a valid/ compelling reason for seeking extension. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) March 2017 
Hi Raj.  I've seen conflicting information on this so I'm guessing there have been updates over the years.  My girlfriend and I are US citizens and are retired with good health insurance and income, and have no criminal record.  We're going to be there for 90 days starting in November, staying at an Airbnb. We'd like to add another 90 days in order to relax and skip winter all together. Ultimately we'd like to spend six months in Bermuda every winter (and spend the remaining time in Canada). We'll be in Hamilton so we can talk to immigration when we get there in November, but is it realistic to think they'll approve a total of a 180 day stay? And could this be repeated every winter?  Thanks. 
George Miller (March 2018) 
Hi George, extension of tourist visa beyond 90 days requires application with proper justification and is subject to the discretion of Immigration Department. In your case it is unlikely that it would be granted... even if you get an extension, very unlikely that you can repeat this year after year. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) March 2018 
my understanding is you can visit Bermuda on vacation for up to 90 days. My question is can you visit more than once per year, ie 90 days in Bermuda, 90 days out, 90 days in? Suspect not, but worth asking. Thanks 
Thomas D Muldoon (August 2020) 
Hi, there is no official version on how many times you can enter in a year as a tourist. If the visa-free 90-day entry is abused and suspected, then a re-entry may be denied. In my view, more than one entry in a year as a tourist is okay as long as the visit is only for the purpose of tourism and not for any short term work or business. Bermuda customs also requires enough unused pages in the passport. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) August 2020 
I am getting conflicting information about the visitor stay allowed in Bermuda. 
I am flying from the UK on the 18th Sept 20 to Bermuda and I am unsure if the stay is only granted for 21 days (3 weeks) and then you have to apply for 90 days or has this now been changed to be allowed to stay for 90 days (3 months) with NO visa or permit requirements and then apply for 180 days (6 months)? 
I applied for the work from Bermuda certificate for remote workers which is still being processed and my flight is booked so am waiting to hear back about this however, if this doesn't come through before I go, I want to know the maximum I can stay out in Bermuda without having any fees/permits or visas? 
Thank you, 
Hana (September 2020) 
Hi, as a visitor you are allowed to stay in Bermuda for up to 180 days after which you can apply for an extension (with valid reasons) to extend the stay. As a citizen of the UK, you can enter Bermuda only with your passport, there is no other visa or permits required. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) September 2020 
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