Busy Bermuda and Dockyard

Long, long ago, the cruise ships used to arrive on Monday in Hamilton and leave the port on Thursday morning. Hamilton shops were often closed on Thursday afternoon and stores best visited on Friday without the cruise ship passengers. It looks like most of the ships are now docked at Kings Wharf in Dockyard and seem to arrive and leave all week long. When is the least busy day in Dockyard? How about St George's or Hamilton?  
Sarah Stokes 
Hi, You are right. Most of the cruise ships are docked at the Kings Wharf these days. Earlier with many of the cruise ships (medium to small sizes) docking at Hamilton used to cause the Front Street to flood with cruise ship passengers. In an attempt to free up traffic and congestion in Hamilton City, the Bermuda Government is trying to avoid Hamilton berths for docking the ships. 
In St. George, although there are berths in Penno's Wharf, the channel is quite narrow here and getting narrower. Sometimes even heavy winds cause difficulty for the captains to navigate the ship through this channel. So many of the ships are now diverted to Kings Wharf. 
In 2010, out of all the cruise lines operating to Bermuda, only Veendam from Holland America Line is scheduled for docking in St. George and Hamilton City. Rest will all be docking in Kings Wharf. 
In fact Veendam will also not dock right at the St. George Port, rather a little offshore, and the passengers will be ferried between the ship and the shore.  
So in short, Kings Wharf is likely to be busy throughout the week during summer when the cruise frequency is the highest. Whereas Hamilton and St. George's ports are likely to be relatively less busy.